Dr. Ivan Verrastro

Dr. Ivan Verrastro

Cellular and Molecular Biomedicine

Ph. D. Cellular and Molecular Biomedicine, MSc Human Nutrition Biotechnology

Cellular and Molecular Biomedicine, Human Nutrition Biotechnology

Ivan likes to define himself as a “knowledge addict” and is extremely passionate about science, health, and technology. Ivan was born in Italy and holds a BSc in Biotechnology and an MSc in Human Nutrition Biotechnology.

During his early 20’s he developed a keen interest in the topic of human aging and decided to become involved in the research and development of technologies to slow down and reverse the aging process.

To pursue his research goals, Ivan moved to the UK in 2012 to undertake a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences at Aston University, with a thesis on the role of oxidative stress in the physiology of aging and age-associated diseases.

He worked closely with engineers and physicists to develop biomedical devices to detect oxidized proteins in the human body. Such devices can be used to track the “levels” of aging in the body, providing useful insights into a person’s overall health and life expectancy, as well as to monitor the biomarkers of age-related diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, thus contributing to the early diagnosis of these illnesses.

Ivan has published several peer-reviewed manuscripts in the field of aging and toxicology and has extensive scientific research and managerial experience, both in industry and academia. He has been involved in several science outreach events, most notably the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, where he had the opportunity to showcase his team’s research to a broad audience, ranging from well-informed laypeople to the general public.

Ivan enjoys the process of writing and editing scientific articles, and he believes this is a great way for him to stay abreast of the current advances in science and technology. He also enjoys writing about different topics such as spirituality, self-development, and psychology.

In his spare time, Ivan loves playing the guitar and is an established performer and recording artist. He has released several instrumental guitar tracks, recorded both live and in his home studio.