IVIM Technology offers various “Customized IntraVital Microscopy Systems” based on customer demands. The company fulfills any special requests from users based on their research.

Customized system #1: Objective lens rotation system

Customized microscopy systems from IVIM technology

Image Credit: IVIM Technology

  • It is very hard to improve the images in a curved sample, like the brain, by sample rotation for positioning the surface of the sample perpendicular to the objectives
  • IVIM Technology can offer an objective lens rotation system with the ability to modify the incident angle of excitation lights to the sample
  • The rotation arm can be rotated to an angle of 140° in each axis of X, Y and Z, thus enabling the objective to alter the angle to the sample freely. It enables the objective to be aligned at the right angle to the sample surface without the need to rotate the sample

Customized system #2: Retina imaging system

It is challenging to perform intravital imaging of the retina with a traditional microscope because the light is refracted while passing through the lens of the eye

  • IVIM Technology can offer a system for imaging the retina of an animal model using its own lenses
  • It enables observing the cellular dynamics in the retina of a live animal

Customized system #3: Endo-microscopy system

Endo-microscopy is a valuable tool for minimally invasive imaging of internal organs which light cannot penetrate

  • IVIM Technology can offer a tailored intravital microscopy system and the GRIN lens-based endoscope for the μm-level high-resolution endo-microscopic imaging
  • Listed below are the features that could be offered by the three types of endoscope
    • Front-view type: Imaging the contact tissue
    • Needle type: Imaging the side tissue while penetrating
    • Side-view type: Imaging the side tissue ( like GI tract wall)

Customized system #4: Free space system

Customized microscopy systems from IVIM technology

Image Credit: IVIM Technology

  • Intravital imaging requires different methods based on the research purpose and the target organ, and the requirements of researchers are also different
  • IVIM Technology can offer a Free Space (FS) system — the flexible intravital microscopy as per the requirements of individual users
  • FS-system opens the space following the objective lens, enabling users to freely use according to their needs
  • Moreover, IVIM Technology can offer the options below for the FS system:
    • Huge sample stage available for a rat, rabbit, etc.
    • High-speed Z-axis piezo scanner can be used rather than an objective turret
    • Fixing accessories for experiments on the side plate
    • Anything else that is considered possible after consultation