DigestPro™: Specialized Protein Digestion and Sample Preparation System

The DigestPro™ from CEM is a dedicated protein digestion and sample preparation system designed for MS-based proteomics.

The system completely automates all the required steps of protein digestion protocols and works instantly with both in-solution and in-gel based methods. Sample clean-up and MALDI spotting can be easily automated.

The DigestPro™ achieves high throughput with up to 96 samples simultaneously. The whole process is performed under controlled and reproducible conditions that are crucial for protein analysis by mass spectrometry.


  • In-gel or in-solution digestion can be automated
  • MALDI target spotting
  • Temperature for every step (heating and cooling) can be freely selected
  • Modular work area setup enables configuration of individual instruments
  • Ready-to-run and improved programs with full customizability
  • Zip Tips allow desalting and concentration (or similar reversed-phase tips)
  • Regular laboratory solutions and buffers (low running costs) can be utilized

Simplified Proteomics

Samples can be Prepared Easily for Protein Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

The DigestPro™ is an individual instrument designed for in-solution digestion, in-gel digestion and sample clean-up, like desalting and enrichment. Procedures are ready to use and can be immediately used for quick and high-throughput automation of all the necessary steps. All steps can be easily tailored depending on users’ requirements.

Solution Digestion

  • Disulfide bonds are decreased
  • Enzymatic digestion at up to 70°C
  • ZipTips or StageTips allow clean up and enrichment
  • Cysteine residues are alkylated

In-Gel Digestion

  • Cysteine residues are alkylated
  • Disulfide bonds are decreased
  • Enzymatic digestion at up to 70°C
  • ZipTips or StageTips enable clean up and enrichment
  • Washing of gel slices and elution of peptides—the needle introduces liquids from a distance and this makes sure that the specimen is never touched and the threat of cross-contamination is prevented
Automated Enzymatic Digestion for Protein Sequencing | DigestPro

Video Credit: CEM Corporation - Life Science