Digitize the inspection process with Inspex HD Vesa

Inspex HD Vesa transforms the production process instantaneously.

Numerous configurations

Inspex HD comes in various configurations to fulfill user requirements. Short, long or flexible, the ultra-versatile Vesa can be customized to meet the needs of users.

Excellent image quality

Precise and elaborate inspection with excellent HD image resolution, contrast and resolution, color reproduction, and combined LED illumination.

Zero video latency

Inspex HD's real-time movement leads to a highly efficient inspection process.

Users can view parts in real-time having no video lag, thereby enabling users to conveniently inspect, rework, modify or assemble anything.

Image capture

Simple traceability and documentation for precise quality control records. Users can store images directly to USB. Just plug in and go.

Working distance

SLWD (Super Long Working Distance) objective lens available for extra-large part viewing.

Wide dynamic range

Users can view dark and bright areas concurrently without saturation. The wide dynamic range makes use of overlapping multiple exposures based on the saturation level of each pixel.

On screen dimensioning

Combined, real-time, on-screen patented measuring grids and cursors offer a simple and effective way to quantify without a PC.

Digitize the inspection process with Inspex HD Vesa

Image Credit: Ash Technologies