GaAs-based fiber optic temperature sensor (OTG-M360)

OpSens’ OTG-M Series fiber optic temperature sensors (OTG-M170, OTG-M220, OTG-M360, OTG-M420, OTG-M600, OTG-MPK5, and OTG-MPK8) deliver outstanding performance. The OTG-M Series temperature sensors use a tried-and-tested temperature transduction mechanism based on the temperature-dependent bandgap of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) crystal.

Due to the tiny GaAs crystal positioned at the tip of an optical fiber, this sensor type is useful for tip measurement applications. Each model of the OTG-M series is distinguished by its reaction time and sensor diameter (OD).

When paired with OpSens’ SCBG signal conditioning technology and the advantages of measuring with light, the OTG-M Series enables unparalleled repeatability and dependability in even the harshest environments, including high levels of EM, RF, MR, and microwave field settings.

The OTG-M Series is built with industry-standard optical fiber and is compatible with all OpSens SCBG signal conditioners. This compact and durable fiber optic temperature sensor may be configured for OEM or customer-specific applications, and it is available with several optical cables and sheath options.

Key features

  • EMI, RFI, MRI, and microwave radiation resistance
  • OEM and customized models
  • Robust and convenient design
  • Internally secure
  • Excellent precision


  • Low-cost disposable sensor
  • Microwave, RF, and EM configurations
  • Applications that need tiny sensors
  • Temperature fluctuations are being monitored
  • High-voltage environment

OTG-M series

Fiber optic temperature sensor

OTG-M360: GaAs-Based Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor

Image Credit: OpSens Medical


Source: OpSens Medical

Sensor model OTG-M170 OTG-M220 OTG-M360 OTG-M420 OTG-M600 OTG-MPK5 OTG-MPK8
Response time ≤35 ms ≤50 ms <100 ms <200 ms 200 ms <225 ms <500 ms
Sensor diameter 0.170
Sensor tip material (Tube) Bare fiber Polyimide Glass Polyimide Polyimide PEEK PEEK
Temperature operating and calibrated range -40 °C to +250 °C (other ranges available upon request)
Accuracy ±0.8 °C or better for other temperature range
Operating humidity range 0-100%
EMI/RFI Susceptibility Complete immunity
Calibration NIST traceable
Cable length 1.5 meters standard (other lengths available)
Optical connector LCA, ST, standard
Cable sheathing TeflonTM
Signal conditioner compatibility All Opsens Solutions GaAs (SCBG) signal conditioners