Get portable rapid inspection with Ash Technologies’ Inspex HD Table

For fast inspection in industrial plants, a portable full HD solution is available. It may be utilized in any region of the manufacturing environment thanks to its fully integrated, compact stand. With no more delay, enjoy Full HD visual quality. For those looking to digitize and streamline the inspection process, this is the appropriate answer.

Ergonomically constructed, it allows less operator fatigue and increased productivity. Find inspection that is simple, quick and of excellent quality. In any industrial business, this tool is ideal for repair, rework, assembly and quality control.

Features and benefits

With the Inspex HD Table, users can instantly transform their production process.

Compact and portable

The design is fully portable and has a modest footprint.

With its easy configuration, users can experience the power of the Inspex HD wherever needed. The user can simply plug it in, turn it on and inspect.

Excellent image quality

Precise and elaborate inspection with excellent HD image resolution, contrast and resolution, color reproduction and integrated LED illumination.

Zero video latency

Inspex HD allows for real-time mobility, resulting in a more efficient inspection procedure.

Users may inspect, rework, edit or assemble anything while viewing parts in real-time with no video lag.

Image capture

For proper quality control records, documentation and traceability are simple. Images may be saved straight to a USB drive. The users can just plug it in and go.

Working distance

For extra-large component viewing, the users can employ an SLWD (Super Long Working Distance) objective lens.

Wide dynamic range

Simultaneously view dark and bright areas without saturation. The wide dynamic range employs multiple overlapping exposures based on each pixel’s saturation level.

On screen dimensioning

Integrated, real-time, on-screen proprietary measuring grids and cursors make measuring easy and effective without a PC.

Get portable rapid inspection with Ash Technologies’ Inspex HD Table

Image Credit: Ash Technologies

Get portable rapid inspection with Ash Technologies’ Inspex HD Table

Image Credit: Ash Technologies

Included system components

Table 1. Source: Ash Technologies

+5 Lens


Table 2. Source: Ash Technologies

Memory Stick, HDMI Cable


Optional system components

Table 3. Source: Ash Technologies

+3 Lens
AI 280-129
+4 Lens
AI 280-125
+5 Lens
AI 280-123
+10 Lens
AI 280-124
Lens Polarizing Filter
AI 280-145
Lens Protector
AI 100-061


Table 4. Source: Ash Technologies

8-Point LED Ring Light
AI 100-012
Polarizer for 8-Point LED Ring Light
AI 100-000
Diffused LED Dome Light
AI 100-001
LED Fibre Optic Illuminator with Dual Gooseneck
AI 100-033
UV Ring Light
AI 100-026 220 V 254 nm
AI 100-005 220 V 375 nm
AI 100-035 110 V 254 nm
AI 100-034 110 V 375 nm


Table 5. Source: Ash Technologies

KP1 External Keypad
AI 801-414
Required to activate dimensioning grids
AI 801-415


Table 6. Source: Ash Technologies

Stands & Stages
XY Stage
AI 100-010
Track Stand Vesa
Flex Cam
AI 100-028
  Track Stand Vesa & Vesa Short Flex Cam
AI 100-028
  Track Stand Vesa Short
AI 100-020
XY Stage for Uplight
AI 100-011
Uplight Track Stand Vesa & Vesa Short Flex Cam
AI 100-023
Oblique Tilting Stage
AI 801-414
Height Adjustable Stage
AI 801-413
XY Stage Large
AI 100-057


Table 7. Source: Ash Technologies

Ash PC Capture
AI 100-052
24” Monitor
AI 801-416
Hard Case
AI 801-561
Soft Case
AI 801-566


Technical specifications


Table 8. Source: Ash Technologies

Lens (Dioptre) (mm) 2 3 4 5 10
Max Height (mm) 500 333 250 200 100
Min Height 405 280 205 170 85
Minimum Magnification* 1.1 1.3 2 2.5 4
Maximum Magnification*
29/57 36/71 50/98 62/122 121/237
Field of view at
minimum mag. (mm)
X: 595 X: 400 X: 280 X: 231 X: 60
Y: 334 Y: 225 Y: 164 Y: 136 Y: 50
Field of view at
maximum mag. (mm)
X: 20/10 X: 14/7 X: 10/5 X: 8/4 X: 5/2
Y: 11/5.5 Y: 8/4 Y: 6/3 Y: 5/2 Y: 3/1
Maximum depth of field 176 120 106 78 57
Minimum depth of field 5 4 1 0.50 0.20


Technical specifications

Table 9. Source: Ash Technologies

Zoom Range (with supplied Lens) 4D lens – 2x - 98x
Camera Resolution HD 1080 p, 1920 x 1080 at 50/60 Hz
Monitor Connections HDMI / DVI
Monitor Requirements HD Ready / Full HD (Recommended)
Power 8 Watts
Dimensions Table 240 mm x 410 mm
Folded Height 110 mm,
Raised Height 420 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Operating Temperature Storage -10 °C to +60 °C
Operating +5 °C to +40 °C
Image capture USB 2.0 highspeed