The IVM-C from IVIM Technology is an IntraVital Confocal Microscopy System designed with extensive optimization and carefully engineered as a comprehensive system for ensuring excellent performance during intravital imaging of live animal models in vivo.

The system is a one-stop solution improved for in vivo imaging experiments. A 4-wavelength laser and four high-sensitivity confocal detectors make the system ideal for the observation of highly diverse, dynamic multi-cellular behaviors in live animals in parallel with four different fluorescence colors.


  • Ultra-high-speed imaging (max. 100 fps—512×512 pixels)
  • 4D animal motion compensation (X, Y, Z and Time)
  • Easy and highly efficient multi-color parallel imaging
  • High flexibility to choose laser or detector wavelength
  • First-ever all-in-one IntraVital Microscopy for live animal model completely integrated in vivo maintenance unit/in vivo animal stage (for example, monitoring and homeostatic regulation of animal vitality)
  • Can be used for traditional in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro imaging
  • Tailored design for modifications as per customer’s needs and accommodations for future updates