IVIM Technology’s IVM-M (IntraVital two-photon microscopy system)

The IVM-M IntraVital two-photon microscopy system from IVIM Technology has been designed with a highly optimized and carefully engineered comprehensive system that provides excellent performance for the intravital imaging of live animal models in vivo.

IVM-M is optimized for in vivo imaging experiments as it is equipped with a completely automated tunable fs-pulse NIR laser system. This makes IVM-M perform deeper-tissue imaging using less-scattering NIR wavelength. Full control functionality of the fs-laser system has been integrated into the two-photon imaging software for user convenience with different automation algorithms.


  • The first of its kind comprehensive IntraVital Two-Photon Microscopy for a live animal model, completely integrated in vivo animal stage/in vivo maintenance unit
  • 4D animal motion compensation (X, Y, Z, and Time) available
  • Offers ultra-high-speed imaging (max. 100 fps—512 x 512 pixels)
  • Laser wavelength tuning for enhanced two-photon excitation of an extensive range of fluorescence agents
  • Motion compensation and ROI tracking for long-term in vivo imaging
  • Enables label-free, non-linear multi-harmonic generation imaging
  • Deeper tissue imaging with a longer-wavelength NIR fs-laser system