IVIM Technology’s IVM-MS2 — The most compact IntraVital two-photon microscopy system

IVM-MS2 from IVIM Technology is a compact IntraVital Two-Photon Microscopy System, developed with a carefully engineered and highly optimized comprehensive system for providing excellent performance in intravital imaging of live animal models in vivo.

IVM-MS2 is designed for in vivo imaging experiments and is provided with a new compact, high-efficiency fs-pulse laser module. The integration of a compact high-stability maintenance-free fs-pulse laser into a single box makes it an ideal solution for users who need a two-photon microscope with limited resources of space and budget.


  • The first of its kind comprehensive IntraVital Microscopy for live animal model
  • A fully-automated fs-laser system, which is cheaper
  • Ultra-high-speed imaging (max. 100 fps—512 x 512 pixels)
  • Easy, hands-free turn-key operation of 920 nm NIR fs-laser for deeper tissue imaging
  • Saves space as there is no additional fs-laser box configuration
  • Simple, hands-free turn-key operation of the fs-laser for two-photon excitation
  • 4D animal motion compensation (X, Y, Z, and Time)
  • Can be easily managed and maintained without liquid cooling system requirements