MARS™ 6 Synthesis: A Multi-Mode Microwave System

The MARS™ 6 Synthesis from CEM is a multi-mode microwave system that provides parallel reaction processing under homogenous conditions. A complete set of 36 vessels can be completed in just 30 minutes, making this a perfect instrument for larger throughput applications.

The MARS 6 Synthesis not only offers high throughput for larger laboratories but also has the flexibility to run batch syntheses, with the ability to house up to a 5 L open flask, or several pressurized vessels.


  • High-resolution touchscreen equipped with speakers (laptop or external controller is not required)
  • Uniquely designed cavity and waveguides guarantee an even distribution of microwave energy, without the necessity for a mode stirrer
  • Large microwave cavity enables the widest range of reaction vessels
  • Delivers 1800 W energy for quick heating of reactions (irrespective of the number of vessels present in the cavity)

Why Should I Use a Microwave?

Image Credit: CEM Corporation - Life Science

Microwave has become a powerful tool for chemical synthesis in both academia and industry. In contrast to standard means of synthesis, the benefits of heating with a microwave are:

  • Higher yields
  • Enhanced purity
  • Better reproducibility
  • Quicker reaction times
  • Improved reaction control

*Source: Li, K.; Weber, A. E.; Tseng, L.; Malcolmson, S. J. Org. Lett. 2017, 19, 4239-4242.

Microwave Chemistry Applications

Image Credit: CEM Corporation - Life Science

The MARS 6 Synthesis benchtop system is fully customizable and, hence, can be used for synthesis or used as an all-in-one microwave reactor for various applications.

  • High-throughput laboratories
  • Acid digestion for metals analysis
  • Organic synthesis
  • Teaching laboratories
  • Nanomaterials production
  • Polymer synthesis
  • Parallel reaction processing
  • Solvent extraction
  • Inorganic chemistry
Mars 6 Synthesis

Video Credit: CEM Corporation - Life Science