CO2Meter’s MH-100 Incubator IR CO2 Sensor has been specially designed for monitoring and detecting the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in cell incubators to control the optimal growth of tissues and cells.

Users can place the MH-100 sensor directly in the incubation chamber to quantify the exact cell-experienced environment. The sensor determines the concentration of CO2 based on its IR radiation.

Key features

  • Enables heat sterilization up to 190 °C
  • IR dual-beam sensing technology
  • Long-lasting sensor module
  • Easily integrated with cell incubators
  • Humidity correction
  • High accuracy, temperature compensation, and pressure compensation


  • Medical (incubation)
  • Scientific
  • Laboratory


  • MH-100 Incubator IR CO2 Sensor — This sensor has been specifically optimized for measuring 5 vol% of CO2 in cell incubators, and also used in medical and scientific applications to control the growth pattern of tissues and cells.
  • MH-101 — Provided with MH-100 Incubator IR CO2 Sensor along with a development kit.
  • MH-100-WH — Wire harness specifically designed for the Micro-Hybrid Incubator IR CO2 Sensor.

MH-101 incubator sensor

Image Credit: CO2Meter.


Image Credit: CO2Meter.

MH-100 incubator IR CO2 sensor

Image Credit: CO2Meter.