miVac Centrifugal Vacuum Sample Concentrators

SP Scientific’s miVac is a series of freeze driers and centrifugal vacuum concentrators that can remove organic solvents and water from a range of sample formats such as vials, microplates, and tubes. The miVac concentrators are available in two sizes — the larger Quattro and a smaller Duo.

miVac Duo Concentrator. Image Credit: SP Scientific.

There is an option of rotor and vacuum pump as per the sample format and application. To accelerate concentration, the miVac systems include built-in special runs that enhance performance and help improve concentration time. These special runs work both with water and water mixtures.

The inclusion of the ground-breaking SpeedTrap condenser in the system will considerably improve the concentration performance.

miVac Quattro Concentrator. Image Credit: SP Scientific.

The miVac systems include special JetRotors — solid aluminum rotors — which accelerate concentration manifold. In addition, an optional pressure control unit displays chamber pressure and automatic or manual control of the vacuum level.

When configured with a miVac Super vacuum pump, the miVac SpeedTrap can also be utilized for freeze-drying. It can also be used as a separate freeze drier, or as a mixed concentration or freeze-drying workplace with a miVac vacuum concentrator.


The miVac systems can be used with Oligo-synthesis, peptide preparation, RNA/DNA preparation, molecular biology, sequencing, process development, ADME/toxicology laboratories, environmental analysis, residue analysis, and general academic/life science research.