Drug discovery and production - Compact Rack Scanner for Liquid Handling Robot Integration
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  Drug Discovery and Production  
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Monitoring Ambient Environmental Conditions in the LabEnabling Vital Screening for Microbial Evolution Research

Microbial evolution is a crucial area of crop science research, but this aspect may not be evident. Several bacteria play a key role in defending crops from pathogens and supporting plants to absorb nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, from the soil. The VIAFLO lightweight electronic pipette and the VOYAGER automatic adjustable tip spacing pipette are ideal laboratory companions for research works where a large number of samples are required to simplify workflows and obtain reproducible results.

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    Keysight Compact Rack Scanner for Liquid Handling Robot Integration
The compact Ziath DataPaq™ Express offers a space-saving way to integrate a fast full-rack scanner onto a liquid handling robot. The uniquely low form factor of the DataPaq™ Express allows liquid handling robots easy gripper access enabling simple pick up and dispensing from 2D racks and tubes on top of the scanner. Offering rapid image scanning and decoding in just two seconds, the camera based DataPaq™ Express will also help improve your robotic workflow.
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    Keysight Understanding antibody and viral glycoprotein interactions
CG-MALS analyzes the type and affinity of interactions that can occur, and is essential for understanding what makes a good neutralizing antibody and how these interactions can be utilized in post-exposure treatments
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 Virtual Screening Techniques in Drug Discovery
Virtual Screening Techniques in Drug DiscoveryDrug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry is hindered by the huge costs involved in searching for new therapeutics.
 What is Pharmacokinetics?
What is Pharmacokinetics?Pharmacokinetics is a field of study which helps scientists understand how a molecule behaves once in the body.
 Biological activity-based modeling offers a new approach for drug discovery
Biological activity-based modeling offers a new approach for drug discoveryAssessing a drug compound by its activity, not simply its structure, is a new approach that could speed the search for COVID-19 therapies and reveal more potential therapies for other diseases.