Agritech - Applications of Spectroscopy in Agriculture
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Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Delivers High-Quality Milk Analysis to the World’s Dairies

All dairies would benefit massively from high-quality analysis of the milk they produce, but current methods are generally expensive and time-consuming, thus making them feasible only for large dairies. Using near-infrared spectroscopy, the NeoSpectra line of sensors provides a new approach to milk testing, paving the way for high-volume, high-frequency testing on farms.

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The widespread use of antibiotics in crop production and its risks

AZoLifeSciences talks to Dr. Phil Taylor and Dr. Rob Reeder about their research into the scale of antibiotic use in crop production.

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Applications of Spectroscopy in Agriculture

Spectroscopy measures how light interacts with molecules and is commonly used in several fields, from pharmaceutical research to agriculture.

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Global warming could lead to evolution of viruses

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Researchers discover link between defensive responses in plants and crop parasite

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Biological control helps regulate invasive pest threats in key food crops

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Early detection of soil-surface ozone can prevent damage to apples and grapes

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