AgriTech - What Role does Agriculture Play within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
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Precise performance, when it matters most

Precise performance, when it matters most

When you think of lettuce, you probably don't think of servo drives. Yet, when it comes to higher yield, efficiency, and profitability—all important in harvesting—Capitan servo drives deliver the precise motion control and responsiveness that matter. Even in challenging environments, trust Capitan to help you grow.

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What Role does Agriculture Play within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

The Global Goals, or Sustainable Development Goals, were developed by the United Nations General Assembly. This agenda aims to lessen poverty, health, issues, lack of education, and reduced economic growth. The development of the SDGs represents a consensus towards more sustainable means of living, which affects many facets of human life.

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Measuring agrobiodiversity in farms, markets, and on plates

What foods comes to your mind when you think about "The Mediterranean Diet"? For most people, the term evokes strong associations with fresh, minimally-processed ingredients – olive oil, fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, followed by fish and animal products – together making up a form of local food production and consumption that holds societal, economic, and cultural benefits.

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Climate change will continue to shift U.S. cultivation geographies strongly north, study finds

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Study shows response of different corn kinds in presence of soil bacterium

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Knowledge-guided machine learning model could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture

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New project to investigate how living organisms respond to reduced pesticide use

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Perennial plants could offer a more sustainable solution for future agricultural systems

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