Comparing the Ziath camera-based scanners

Do you need a 2D bar-coded tube rack reader? Avash & Steve from Ziath Ltd - World leader in 2D bar coded tube scanners, with more models offered than any other manufacturer - explain whats available, what they can do and how to handle the data they produce.

Ziath scanners are compatible with most popular tube formats from these manufacturers: Brooks, Fluidx, Micronic, Greiner, Thermo-Fisher, Matrix, LVL, Biosigma and Altemis, including the latest Brooks Fluidx Acoustix tubes (all trademarks ackowledged). Learn more about the tube rack scanner range at:

Run time: 11:58 mins

Ziath 2D-Barcoded SBS rack scanners for compound management and bio-banking explained

Video Credit: Ziath Ltd

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