Life Science Marketing, the AZoNetwork Method

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Life science marketing requires a specific and dedicated approach. Below we highlight how you and your life science marketing team can create content that engages your audience; use distribution methods that actually reach them; and easily understand their buying journeys with analytics that allow you to refine your life science marketing strategy.

Find your Life Science Audience

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Life Science Content Marketing

The first step for a successful life science marketing strategy is to choose the right kind of content. Considering where that content sits in your sales funnel allows you to nurture your target market from consideration to sale.

The diagram below shows different types of content and where they might fit in your content strategy:

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Let’s visit some of these content types in more detail.

Thought Leadership Interview

A thought leadership interview is an excellent example of awareness content, intending to attract customers and gain brand awareness.

A good example of awareness content is an article discussing the benefits of your product in a more general sense, such as the below AZoLifeSciences article. The interview discusses enriching purple tomatoes with anti-oxidants and the future of genetically modified food with the President of NPS’s US-based subsidiary, Norfolk Healthy Produce.

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Webinars for life science

Consideration content differentiates the members of your audience who are potential customers and include multiple calls to action to capture the data of interested parties.

Again the content should be educational while application-specific. You are encouraging the progression to decision-making but not pushing with your marketing strategies.

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Product Profiles

Your prospective buyer knows that your product can benefit them, but they still need that final push to make a purchasing decision. Decision-making content like product profiles work well for that push.

Product profiles provide customers with the specifications and product features they need to understand before making their final decision. It is crucial at this step to ensure that your customer can find the content they need easily.

INTEGRA Biosciences worked with AZoNetwork to produce profiles that inform potential buyers not only about the product itself but also the thoughts of their customers.

Utilizing a combination of descriptive specifications, high-quality images, videos, and customer quotations, INTEGRA Biosciences has given prospective customers all the information they need to make a buying decision and request a quote through AZoNetwork’s calls to action.

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Content Distribution for Life Science Companies

Now that you have the right content, you also need to make sure it reaches the right people, in the right space, and at the right time.

Locating who the right people are and where they are can be difficult. Our post on Getting Started with Buyer Personas is a great guide.

Email Newsletters

Customized emails and targeted newsletters are a great way to get your content in front of a specific audience. A newsletter for Protein Analysis, for example, would be a great place to announce the analysis of monkeypox virus profilin-like proteins and human profilin proteins.

Global laboratory science conference, Pittcon, worked with AZoNetwork to produce and distribute several targeted customized emails to highlight the upcoming talks and themes of the conference to the right people at the right time. Email marketing to our existing audiences is a great way to reach the life science industry and build trust.

Social Media

Expanding the reach of your content through social media can seem daunting. Once you find the most appropriate channel for your subject field, objective, and the content you produce, you’ll find creating a community from your audience rewarding.

A piece of content may be more relevant to your Twitter audience than LinkedIn. Regularly keeping up to date with social media analytics will give insights into what content is performing best.

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Scientific analysis of content marketing campaigns

Scientific analysis is key to determining the effectiveness of a life science marketing campaign. Calculating ROI can often be difficult, but technology is making life easier.

Measuring engagement with your content in terms of time on page, bounce rates, and unique versus returning visitors is essential to see how your digital marketing for life sciences is performing.

Using AZoNetwork’s engagement tracking platform, AZoIntel, we can view and analyze a visitor’s unique journey from start to end. We can also serve related content they may like to read next and progress the visitor’s journey along the sales funnel.

Not only is it important to measure engagement in a scientific manner, but it is also crucial that your findings are fed back into your content creation to close the marketing circle and enhance your digital marketing strategy.

Find your Life Science Audience

Last Updated: Sep 6, 2022


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