It is now possible to achieve quicker analytical results. Microcleavage in just 2 minutes provides mass spectrometry-level performance for any synthesis scale. Have confidence in your cleavage, knowing your reagents won't be wasted.

Complete cleavage in 30 minutes or less helps expedite the purification workflow of users’ laboratory. Purified peptides can be accessed faster when compared to other methods.

Image Credit: CEM Corporation - Life Science

A Smarter Way of Doing Peptide Cleavage

Users can achieve increased peptide purity with the benefits of precision-heated reactions. The Razor can now cleave up to 12 peptides simultaneously with more consistency than any other technique, in just 30 minutes or less. This is a high-throughput cleavage.

Image Credit: CEM Corporation - Life Science

Protect Your Automated Peptide Synthesizer

Users can continue to work around the clock in spite of aggressive cleavage reagents and scavengers that can wear down their automated peptide synthesizer. Disposable vessels ease the cleaning process and guarantee the quality of peptide purity.

The simple design of the Razor does not include a complex valve block system, which would need costly maintenance only by technicians.

Image Credit: CEM Corporation - Life Science

Achieve Better Purity Peptides from a More Complete Cleavage

Heat makes it easy to remove all the protecting groups, including the difficult ones, quickly. With the help of Razor, users no longer have to wonder if all the Pbf has been removed from their peptides.

The high temperature accelerates cleavage and enhances scavenging reagents access to sterically hindered parts of long peptides and hydrophobic regions. This allows an improved workflow following automated peptide synthesis, particularly when utilizing a high speed automated microwave peptide synthesizer.

Image Credit: CEM Corporation - Life Science