Live Cell Imaging Software — iQ3

The Andor iQ is a popular live cell imaging software, fundamental to Andor’s Confocal, Revolution, and photostimulation product range.

iQ — short for image and quantify — handles a range of bioimaging applications by providing optimized control for Andor’s award-winning iXon EMCCD and sCMOS cameras, and also several other imaging devices.

With the iQ3, users can image dynamic processes in single cells and multi-cellular systems, carry out routine imaging of fixed samples, and develop 3D image volumes for analysis.

  • New operator organization — per operator settings and ImageDisk
  • State-of-the-art streamlined 6D operator interface for fast setup and tweaking
  • Dedicated photostimulation device regulation — Ablate, Activate, Bleach
  • Upgraded integration with Imaris
  • “Flexible Protocols” for complicated procedures