Meet the best ChIP-Seq kit with the highest sensitivity for low and high input samples. Breaking free from the limitations of beads, the Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq kit is designed to enable researchers to efficiently enrich chromatin and detect binding of low abundant transcription factors and histone modifications with superior selectivity and specificity from the smallest quantity of starting material.

This unique filter-based kit contains no magnetic or agarose beads. Users benefit from the inherent low background of a ChIP technology that performs faster and is dramatically easier to use than conventional kits.

Best for Sensitivity

  • Correctly orientated proteins for maximum chromatin-antibody binding and capture

Perfect for Low Samples

  • ChIP from as little as 1000 cells

ChIP in 5 Hours

  • No lengthy blocking or overnight steps

Quality Sequencing Data

  • FASTQ > 30
  • Greater than 95% uniquely mapped reads for transcription factors and histone modifications