PeptiGels® for 2D and 3D Cell Culture

PeptiGels® from Manchester BIOGEL are completely synthetic and animal free hydrogel scaffolds to support the culture of cells in 2D and 3D.  They are simple and ready to use and are supplied with no batch to batch variability, giving users reproducible and reliable data every time. 

The PeptiGels® are used for 2D and 3D cell culture and are specifically designed with a range of chemical functionalities as well as mechanical properties to mimic the native cellular micro-environment to promote the growth of all kinds of cells.

Product Features

  • Modular
  • Ready to use
  • Reproducible
  • Storage 4 °C
  • Animal-free
  • Biocompatible
  • Convenient
  • Transparent

Manchester BIOGEL’s PeptiGels® come in a range of standard formulations or custom-made kits, all engineered for the needs of users’ cells. These consist of the company’s Starter Pack, Mechanical Kit and Functional Kit.

Standard PeptiGels®

PeptiGels® from Manchester BIOGEL have been for the 2D and 3D culture of mant different cell types. The standard PeptiGels® come in volumes of 5, 10, and 20 mL and multiples thereof.

Table 1.

PeptiGel® Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 4 Gamma 1 Gamma 2 Gamma 4
G' (kPa) 5 10 1 2.5 5 0.5
Charge Neutral Charged Charged Neutral Charged Charged


Starter Pack

While users start with PeptiGels®, Manchester BIOGEL suggests its Starter Pack. This pack includes five kinds of PeptiGel® formulations for customers to test with their cells and determine the most perfect setting for the needs of their cells. The Starter Pack is available in regular volumes of 2 or 5 mL of every formulation.

Table 2.

PeptiGel® Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 4 Gamma 2 Alpha 2 - RGD
G' (kPa) 5 10 1 5 10
Charge Neutral Charged Charged Charged Charged


Mechanical Kit

Customers can study the effect of mechanical stiffness for each of Manchester BIOGEL’s PeptiGels® by using the MechanoKits to find the perfect environment for their cells’ needs. Manchester BIOGEL’s MechanoKits are available in standard volumes of 5, 10, and 20 mL of each PeptiGel®.

PeptiGels® for 2D and 3D Cell Culture

Table 3.

MechanoKit 1 MechanoKit 2 MechanoKit 4
Neutral Charge Positively Charged
PeptiGel® G'/kPa PeptiGel® G'/kPa PeptiGel® G'/kPa
Kappa 1 10 Kappa 2 20 Kappa 4 4
Alpha 1 5 Alpha 2 10 Alpha 4 1
Gamma 1 1 Gamma 2 5 Gamma 4 0.5


Functional Kit

Customers can select from a range of functionalized PeptiGels® that provides biochemical cues to learn the response of cells in the 3D environment.

The functional kits are delivered in standard volumes of 5, 10, and 20 mL of each PeptiGel®.

PeptiGels® for 2D and 3D Cell Culture

Table 4.

  Functional Kit 1 Functional Kit 2 Functional Kit 4
Charge Neutral Charged Charged
G' (kPa) 5 10 1
Functionaliztion PeptilGel® PeptilGel® PeptilGel®
None Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 4
Fibronectin Alpha 1 - RGD Alpha 2 - RGD Alpha 4 - RGD
Laminin Alpha 1 - IKVAV Alpha 2 - IKVAV Alpha 4 - IKVAV
Laminin Alpha 1 - YIGSR Alpha 2 - YIGSR Alpha 4 - YIGSR
Collagen Alpha 1 - GFOGER Alpha 2 - GFOGER Alpha 4 - GFOGER



Manchester BIOGEL’s PeptiSols are exclusively developed, ready-to-use solutions to dilute PeptiInks® as well as PeptiGels®. PeptiSols have been developed to help users realize the desired mechanical strengths for cells’ needs and applications.

The PeptiSol use ensures that the properties and stability of the hydrogels are maintained, thereby enabling reproducible results while saving users’ time and resources. Manchester BIOGEL’s standard PeptiSols are available in volumes of 5, 10, and 20 mL.

Table 5.

PeptiSols PeptiSol 1 PeptiSol 2 PeptiSol 4
Compatible PeptiGels® Alpha 1
Gamma 1
Kappa 1
Alpha 2
Gamma 2
Kappa 2
Alpha 4
Gamma 4
Kappa 4
Compatible PeptiInks® Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 4