The Arrow Silicon ATR Consumable for Liquid Analyte Assessment

The Arrow™ from Specac enables quick evaluation of a range of liquid analytes. Users can prepare sample batches away from the spectrometer on sample slides created from recycled polypropylene. Users can also minimize their sample handing and increase their productivity.

The Arrow™ can be interfaced with the Quest range of ATR accessories through a simple aluminum puck.


  • Archivable
  • Ultra-thin silicon wafer ATR
  • Can be retrofitted to all existing Quest™ units
  • Samples can be batch prepared ex-situ
  • The need for cleaning is avoided

Key advantages

  • Ex-situ sample preparation
  • Users can archive their samples
  • Created from recycled materials
  • Batch sample preparation


  • Clinical research
  • Microbiology
  • Forensics
  • Food and beverage
  • Paints and glues

Users can contact Specac to learn more about the benefits of Arrow™ for their laboratory.