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SLAS EU - Highlights from 2022

Check out the highlights from SLAS EU - Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening from last year.

SLAS Highlights eBook has fascinating interviews with key opinion leaders from the industry, including:

  • Vicki Loise, CEO of SLAS, speaking about the importance of collaboration, communication, and conferences in accelerating life sciences research.
  • AstraZeneca, discussing the challenges currently faced by the drug discovery sector and the new technologies that will help to overcome them.
  • ZeClinics, talking about how zebrafish could be the future for discovering new therapeutics.
  • University College Dublin, demonstrating their AI_PREMie technology and how it can help to save mothers and babies lives.
  • ISGlobal, discussing the importance of representation, inclusion, and equity in the STEM fields.
  • University College Dublin, demonstrating the role high-content screening can play in accelerating drug discovery.
  • BICO and its technology and services they offer within life sciences research and how they are using science to reduce organ shortages and further human health.
  • Fluidic Analytics, discussing the role proteins play in understanding human disease as well as the role Europe plays within life sciences research.

SLAS Highlights eBook

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SLAS Europe 2022 - Dublin, Ireland

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