Ziath Support Local Food Charity

Ziath - a manufacturer of imagers for reading 2D barcoded sample tubes, which are frequently used for processing Covid-19 samples, has announced support for their local food bank charity in Cambridge, UK. Famous as a centre of elite learning and high-tech industry, Cambridge also has areas of high social deprivation.

To provide support for people with reduced household incomes struggling to feed their children, who would normally receive free school meals, Ziath will make a £5000 donation to its local food poverty relief charity – the Cambridge City Foodbank.

Neil Benn, Managing Director of Ziath commented “Our company has been working hard to build sample tracking devices for Covid-19 screening programmes around the world. We are lucky that our business is in a sector that has benefited during the crisis, but we are mindful of the many thousands of people who have been furloughed on reduced incomes, or lost their jobs completely, who are struggling to feed their families. We wanted to help in our own small way and chose the Cambridge City Foodbank for its valuable work supporting vulnerable families on low incomes across the city”.

Margaret Saner, CEO, Cambridge City Foodbank, commented: “Cambridge City Foodbank is enormously grateful for this generous donation from Ziath. All monetary donations to the Foodbank support us to run our existing operations, and also help us plan ahead and commit to further sustainable projects that have a lasting impact for those in need in our community.  This year, as individuals and families in the city have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen rising numbers of people being referred to the food bank. We saw an 8% increase in referrals to Cambridge City Foodbank from March to July 2020, representing a 23% increase in the number of people the Foodbank fed, compared with the same time in the previous year. This includes a 28% increase in the number of children fed by the Foodbank.”

Steve Knight, Commercial Director at Ziath said “I urge other companies in Health and Life Sciences, which may have done well during the pandemic, to consider giving something back to their local community”.

Earlier this year - Ziath also made donations to charities that support people who may have experienced Mental Health issues during the earlier hard lockdown at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. For further information on Ziath and its charitable work please contact the company on +44-1223-855021 or [email protected]


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