Quick & Effective Microplate Sealing

Porvair Sciences announce a new range of fast to apply and highly effective microplate adhesive seals for labs that are short on time and may not have access to automated sealing instruments.

Quick adhesive microplate seals from Porvair Sciences. Image credit: Porvair Sciences

Adhesive seals offer an inexpensive and easy way to seal microplates for transport or to prevent contamination and evaporation. Porvair Sciences adhesive films come in a variety of formats to suit most applications.

All are manufactured from top quality materials and tested to provide the strongest seal required with the necessary characteristics to perform in different situations such as peeling after adhesion, piercing to recover samples, or being gas permeable but resistant to evaporation or solvents.In addition, clear seals are available for optical applications.

Choosing the correct combination of seal and closure device for different types of microplates is important to achieving best laboratory practice and to avoid unnecessary work further downstream. For labs with lower plate sealing requirements - the Porvair Hand Applicator is ideal for firmly applying pressure to self-adhesive film and foil sheets resulting in a perfect seal every time. For higher throughput microplate sealing requirements - Porvair Sciences offer the Porvair Kbiosystems KAPS Adhesive Microplate Sealer, and sealing devices.

For labs looking to save time and money and time on their microplate sealing takes further information on self-adhesive seals is available from https://www.microplates.com/adhesive-sealing-films/ or contact Porvair Sciences  at  [email protected] or call +44 1978 666222 / +1 800 552 3696.

Porvair Sciences, together with JG Finneran and Porvair Kbiosytems are global manufacturers of consumables and instruments for life science and analytical workflows. From microplate technologies, glass vials, assay kits to automated laboratory equipment, the group is committed to equipping customers with high quality products for improved analysis and increased productivity to accelerate scientific discovery with integrity.


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