Gaea Marelle Miranda

Gaea Marelle Miranda

Feature Writer

BA, M.Sc.

Clinical Psychology, Human Behavior

Gaea graduated from the University of the Philippines - Manila with a degree in Behavioral Sciences, cum laude. Majoring in psychology, sociology, and anthropology, she is trained to address academic inquiries using a multidisciplinary perspective.

Working as a research assistant, she is able to actively participate in numerous epidemiological and social science researches that is of societal relevance, including a baseline cum intervention study on drug use and behavioral health, a national baseline study on violence against children, and a study on online child sexual abuse and exploitation. These researches have also given her the opportunity to take part in a number of global health conferences locally and internationally. At present, she is looking forward to further expand her research experience by engaging in studies focused on adolescent behavioral health in the urban-metro areas of the Philippines. 

As a candidate for a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, Gaea has also partaken in numerous volunteer activities that are specially-focused on providing psychological support and mental health awareness. Her experience includes the facilitation of psychological testing, psychotherapy, and counselling for rehabilitation patients, children with special needs, victims of abuse, displaced children, and victims of calamities. Gaea believes that focusing on and addressing mental health concerns with the same eagerness as with that of physiological well-being is a relevant issue that should not be discounted in today’s society.