Dr. Jennifer Logan

Dr. Jennifer Logan

Feature Writer

B.Sc. Microbiology and Immunology, MD, MPH Public Health

Dr. Jennifer Logan, MD, MPH is a Preventive Medicine-trained physician with over 12 years’ experience in medical writing. She began writing in 2006 while on faculty at the University of South Florida College of Medicine.

There she conducted original research in the field of HIV/AIDS, international medicine, and public health and gained invaluable experience in crafting research protocols, grant applications, and scholarly manuscripts. She soon became a consultant to her peers for a variety of written projects too.

Dr. Logan moved to Oregon Health and Science University in 2009 to complete her residency training in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. There she published several papers while pursuing research in the fields of HIV and other infectious diseases.

In 2010, Dr. Logan returned to Florida and decided to devote her career to medical writing. Today she writes needs assessments and other grant applications, continuing medical education, medical news, scholarly manuscripts, and other medical writing projects.