Maryam Mahdi

Maryam Mahdi

Feature Writer


Biomedical Sciences

Maryam is a science writer with a passion for travel.

In 2012 Maryam began studying biomedical sciences at the University of Manchester. A challenging yet rewarding experience – it was there that Maryam's research skills developed and interest in science communications grew.

As part of her final year project, she produced articles, videos, and presentations to highlight the association between dietary choices and cancer including the effects of the compound indol-3-carbinol, found in cruciferous greens, on the onset of various types of cancer.

During her time at university, Maryam also had the opportunity to write for publications geared toward life science education.

After her degree, Maryam moved to Doha, Qatar. During her time in the sultanate, she worked as a teacher. This was her first experience of international work experience and gave her the opportunity to work alongside expats from around the world; work creatively to help her students and to travel within the region.

In 2017, Maryam returned to Manchester and currently works as a freelance science writer.

Writing is a great source of enjoyment for Maryam. She has written a variety of articles for News Medical which have mainly had a microbiology focus.

During her spare time, Maryam enjoys traveling, learning about new cultures and taking countryside walks.

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