The C.BIRD™ Cytena BPS is known to be the next generation of high-throughput single-use microbioreactor solutions. Horizontal C.BIRD™ has the potential to improve the space of the incubator and is consistent with the majority of incubators. It saves costs and aids in generating high value for biosimilar drug production.

Optimize cell culture environments in 96/24-well plates

  • Oxygen transfer rate (OTR) could be increased for both suspension cells and adherent cells
  • Low shear rate mixing to decrease stress on cell lines
  • Bring cells into suspension culture (only for suspension cells)
  • Constant mixing can be done for homogenous media composition


Image Credit: Cytena BPS


Bringing production bioreactor conditions to 96/24-well plates

C.BIRD™ is known as a high-throughput microbioreactor available for parallel cultivations in 96-well plates. This brings production bioreactor surroundings into 150 to 1,600 µL microbioreactor scale.

Cutting weeks off the cell line development process

C.BIRD™ allows earlier identification of the highest producing and majority of the stable clones and decreases later passaging steps and measures of the present scaling-up process.

Better predictability of best cell clones

C.BIRD™ has the potential to screen and monitor beneficial cell culture parameters that are for hundreds of cell lines from an early stage. This helps scientists define the best clones earlier.