S.NEST™ is an efficient microbioreactor. By establishing bioreactor conditions early on, the pharmaceutical clients may more quickly and effectively introduce life-saving drugs.


High-throughput cultivation that makes it possible to incubate four 24- or 96-well plates simultaneously.


Thanks to a special fluid control system that promotes cell growth, mixing amounts can be adjusted.


The effects of evaporation are reduced by inventive parts and careful planning.


Tracking of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in real time during the entire cell culture process.

Elevate the cell line development workflow

The S.NEST improves productivity and efficacy in the production of biologics, drug screening, and functional genomics.


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Consumables for optimal cell culture

The S.NEST lid covers the appropriate well plates with 96 or 24 fluidic channels in a format. Liquid evaporation is significantly decreased by the fluidic channels’ innovative condenser design.


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Maximum productivity with minimum effort

Weeks of cell expansion are not required when utilizing the S.NEST since cells exhibit higher density and vitality compared to normal incubation.

Introducing the S.NEST Microbioreactor: All-in-One design and software overview

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Real-time monitoring

Users can change environmental controls using the S.NEST software, which also shows sensor results.


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