The I.DOT from Dispendix is considered to be the latest technology in noncontact dispensing for quick and reproducible outcomes at all times.

Fast. precise. traceable.

The I.DOT is a liquid handler that anybody can use irrespective of automation experience. The instrument carries volumes as low as 8 nL with peerless speed and accuracy while considerably decreasing the plastics and reagent consumption of the laboratories.

Whether it is dispensing enzymes and beads for qPCR or NGS or adding cells, compounds, and buffers for Assay Development or High-throughput Screening, the I.DOT provides matchless accuracy and user-friendliness for effective and reproducible sample preparation.

Features designed for users’ success

  • Reaction miniaturization

With accuracy down to 8 nL, DISPENDIX LiquidHandlers allow reaction miniaturization, enabling scientists to run up to 10× as many samples for a similar cost to their laboratories.

  • Low dead volume

With the availability of a 1 μL dead volume, no other product allows scientists to transfer their reagents, compounds, and buffers in a highly profitable and effective method.

  • Speed and flexibility

With the potential to dispense a reagent to 384 wells in seconds instead of minutes, DISPENDIX is varying the method scientists think regarding the automation of their genomics and drug discovery workflows.

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I.DOT: How it works

How does the I.DOT work? A premium Liquid Handling System.

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Choose the right I.DOT for the lab

The I DOT offers users flexibility in the consumable source type and destination labware format that can be employed.


  • Assay development

Dispenses nucleic acids, tiny molecules, drugs, etc. in direct dilution steps and a multiplexed manner. Suitable for developing individual experiments.

  • Compound dispensing

Dispenses tiny molecules in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or aqueous solutions.

  • Cell dispensing

Reproducibly dispense anything from cells in suspension to organoids, despite retaining high cell viability.

  • Genomics and proteomics

Leverages low-volume dispensing, miniaturization, and low dead volume to successfully dispense for PCR, extraction, NGS prep, and clean-ups.