The L.DROP liquid handler eases the sharing of protocols between laboratories and instruments for peerless laboratory efficiency and a degree of process redundancy.

With the availability of remote monitoring and real-time volume verification, there is no need for users to ever worry about the validity of their results or the reproducibility of their experiments.


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Finally, an easy day

The L.DROP liquid handler provides the freedom of an untied operation, available from any browser, along with programming-free protocol development in the DISPENDIX Cloud.

The L.DROP is known to be the first liquid handler to describe errors in a significant method and to provide clear resolution options for conserving useful samples and expensive reagents.

Features—Technology designed to help every lab generate trustworthy results

  • Pressure and flow sensors available for real-time volume verification
  • Algorithms can be performed for automated liquid class creation
  • Real-time deck tracking to capture video of errors for additional troubleshooting and correction
  • Consists of 20 SBS format microplates, tips, or lids for easy setup and switching between protocols and five incorporation positions for shaking and on-deck thermal control modules


Minimal efforts. maximum results.

The L.DROP enables researchers to disclose their scientific purpose and offers a rich simulation along with tracking for each well in every protocol step.


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Optimized to handle diverse applications

Cell and gene therapy /synthetic biology

  • Cell culture
  • Protein and nucleic acid quantification
  • CRISPR gene editing
  • Protein characterization is made possible


  • Library preparation available for DNA-Seq,
  • qPCR plate preparation could be performed
  • RNA-Seq, and targeted sequencing

Drug discovery

  • Assay development and optimization (DoE)
  • Cell-based assays
  • Biochemical assays
  • Immunoassays
  • High-throughput screening could be done

General liquid handling

  • Sample reformatting
  • Cherry picking
  • Serial dilution
  • Reagent formulation and aliquoting
  • Normalization and pooling
L.DROP - New product from DISPENDIX

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Application notes

Written by researchers for researchers, these papers stress novel methods to improve one’s study with the I.DOT Liquid Handler.