Complete Genomics Drops Genome Sequencing Price to Sub $100 at AGBT General Meeting

Complete Genomics Inc., a global life science tools leader and subsidiary of MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (“MGI”), today launched new revolutionary products and prices at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting.

Complete Genomics offers T Series, G Series, and E Series genetic sequencers covering wide range from low- medium- high- ultra high throughput sequencing applications. “We have made it our mission to address the global need for faster, cost-effective, and accurate sequencing whether it be to identify and trace pathogens in today’s post-pandemic world or to meet the promise of precision medicine.” said Rade Drmanac, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer.

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DNBSEQ-T20×2, Breaks the Boundaries and Reads the Sequence of Whole Human Genome for Sub $100

DNBSEQ-T20×2 represents a T-series product evolution designed for large population genome projects. Using an open-type large sequencing slide cut from a whole silicon wafer, one DNBSEQ-T20×2 supports the operation of 6 slides simultaneously, producing up to 42Tb per run with PE100 or even 72Tb per run with PE150 in a smaller footprint than DNBSEQ-T10×4*.

Enabled by innovative dip-immersion biochemistry, DNBSEQ-T20×2 perfects the unthinkable process for consecutive robotic dipping of multiple slides in the same reagent. Immersion fluidics on silicon slides without cover enables very uniform reaction over the entire surface of these large slides ensuring high sequencing quality, largest throughput and lowest cost. A single set of DNBSEQ-T20×2 can produce up to 50,000 WGS per year for under $100 per 30x human genome including instrument depreciation.  

In particular, DNBSEQ-T20×2 is equipped with 2 imagers and a rotational robotic arm handling 6 slides delivering 72Tb/run to WGS, WGBS, WES, RNA-seq, single cell, STOmics(a large scale Spatial Omics tool with nanoscale resolution), and other sequencing applications, including pooling and sequencing different libraries simultaneously. “The commercialization of DNBSEQ-T20x2 will become an important force driving the development and expansion of the global genetic industry and accelerate the progress of the human genome understanding and medical applications.” said Dr. Drmanac. “Now many more samples can be sequenced or a deeper more informative and accurate sequencing can be afforded per sample”.

Since the low consumable cost is achieved by running simultaneously 6 slides at or near its running capacity, DNBSEQ-T20×2 must be ordered with certain annual minimum amount of consumables. DNBSEQ-T20×2 will be commercially available in the US in Q3 2023, and in China in Q2 2023.

During the conference, Complete Genomics also announced a stunning new US reagent promotional price of $1.5/Gb for its flagship sequencer DNBSEQ-T7 that is already on the market. The new DNBSEQ-T7 reagent price enables immediate access to a $150 genome at high DNBSEQ quality even when only a dozen of samples is sequenced per run. Additionally, large-scale, affordable sequencing projects like STOmics can start immediately using multiple DNBSEQ-T7 sequencers per lab. A set of three DNBSEQ-T7 sequencers provides near 50,000 30x hWGS per year.

DNBSEQ-G99, Unleashes Your Ultimate Sequencing Speed with Each Run (PE150) < 12 hrs

DNBSEQ-G99, as the latest model of the G Series, is an ultra-high speed gene sequencer offering mid- to low- range throughput making it a superior option for targeted gene sequencing and small genome sequencing. DNBSEQ-G99 for the first time adopts triangular matrix signal spots on sequencing flow cell, reaching higher density of data output, with an overall throughput of 8-48 Gb per run. In addition, equipped with proprietary high-performance optical equipment and high-precision temperature control system, the turnaround time of PE150 sequencing run data has been shortened to within 12 hours.  Useful shorter read reports are available even within first 2.5h during PE100 or PE150 sequencing runs.

DNBSEQ-G99 was instrumental in the discovery of the first imported case of Monkeypox in Chongqing, China. The virus strain was quickly identified through the whole genome sequence completed by DNBSEQ-G99. Three different read-length metagenome sequencing statistics of Monkeypox virus-specific reads accounted for about 0.35% on average in qPCR testing for sample with Ct value of approximately 21. Results showed the average depth of the Monkeypox virus genome was approximately 35X at the read length of SE40, 110X at SE100, and 200X at PE100, with more than 99.03% coverage above 100X. Meanwhile, the multi-point data output mode of DNBSEQ-G99 (bioanalysis by sequencing, BBS) shortened the delivery time to within 2.5 hours without limiting the final sequencing read length making it the best choice for urgent and multiple testing scenarios in a public health system. The bioinformatics by sequencing (BBS) mode was used in Monkeypox virus tracing resulting in the first batch of raw reads results delivered in only 9 hours.

As we move from a one-size-fits-all approach into a precision medicine approach targeting the right treatments to the right patients at the right time, the speed required to identify the genetic makeup of the individual patient has become critical. DNBSEQ-G99 addresses that critical need with its rapid and high-quality data output, and improves the turnaround times for clinically relevant biomarkers. DNBSEQ-G99 is especially suitable for precision oncology, tumor detection in hospital applications, and decentralized researches, and it opens a new opportunity for labs to adapt to these changes and add value to their offerings.

At present, DNBSEQ-G99 supports sequencing reads lengths including PE50, SE100, and PE150, while reagent kits with longer reads lengths such as SE400 and PE300 will be available in the future. DNBSEQ-G99 is planned to enter the US market in Q2, 2023.  

Image Credit: Complete Genomics

stLFR Library Prep Kit, a Single-Tube Process for Unique Read Co-barcoding in Long DNA Fragments

Complete Genomics provides multiple read lengths options. stLFR (single tube long fragment reads) is based on patented DNA co-barcoding technology to provide synthetic or linked long reads on DNBSEQ platforms. This immediately available kit overcomes the limitations of short read lengths and enables high quality small and large structural variant calling, haplotype phasing of over 99% of the human genome, de novo assembly, and other long fragment applications. stLFR kits combined with PCR-free WGS enable more complete and more accurate haplotype-phased genomes at affordable price leading to a new WGS standard for both research and clinical applications.

Complete Genomics, an innovative sequencing systems company, is now offering six sequencers to US sequencing labs including portable sequencer DNBSEQ-E25*, and high throughput sequencer DNBSEQ-T10x4, and medium throughput benchtop sequencer DNBSEQ-G400*. Complete Genomics also provides sample and library prep automation and downstream bioinformatics solutions.


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