Kaldi Company Signs Licensing Deal with Agritech Innovator Iron Sight Industries to Drive Coffee Supply Chain Innovation

Today, Kaldi Company Ltd, a pioneer in the integration of blockchain, Web3, AI, IOT-enabled traceability, and a novel crypto economy to transform the global green (unroasted) coffee value chain, has announced an exclusive software licensing agreement with Iron Sight Industries, a US veteran-owned agritech innovator and ag-logistics company. The deal, valued at an initial $2.5 million (US dollars), permits Kaldi Company the exclusive and perpetual use of Iron Sight's groundbreaking technology within the coffee industry via the coffee trading technology platform KaldiMarket.

Kaldi Company Signs Licensing Deal with Agritech Innovator Iron Sight Industries to Drive Coffee Supply Chain Innovation
Daniel Ball, CEO of Kaldi Company Ltd. Image Credit: Kaldi Company

Licensed services include AgriForge and ClearSight AI, innovative technologies developed by Iron Sight, Inc. designed to optimize commodities-based supply chains by enhancing transparency, efficiency, and security and transform the value chain through a new crypto economy linked to commodity sales.

AgriForge: Includes proprietary cryptoeconomic systems that facilitate the minting and underpinning of a new virtual currency by a commodity as an asset, including stability and utility mechanisms, and provide the technology platform for Kaldicoin, the new cryptocurrency native to KaldiMarket.

ClearSight AI: Consists of a smart contract-based data intake system and radio frequency identification (RFID) shipping tag ingest that automatically generates a bill of lading, shipping manifest, and other logistics documentation seamlessly to existing 3PL, 4PL, ground, airborne, and maritime vendors via API. This is coupled with traceability and chain-of-custody features throughout the supply chain.

The deal extends to a suite of Iron Sight third-party proprietary tools, such as facial biometrics and military-grade cybersecurity solutions, adding a robust security layer to the KaldiMarket platform.

A Game-Changer for the Specialty Green Coffee Industry

The purchase and continued collaboration is a game-changer for the specialty coffee industry and the fortunes of millions of smallholder farmers worldwide. It combines the transformative potential of blockchain technology with advanced agritech solutions to power KaldiMarket, a new technology platform facilitating the global trade of specialty green coffee directly from farmers to wholesale buyers. It also offers a powerful combination of traceability and optimization throughout the coffee supply chain. Trading on KaldiMarket is rewarded with Kaldicoin, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, and a powerful unit of economic participation in the platform’s macro trading success.

The proprietary technologies and systems offered by Iron Sight are the engines that propel KaldiMarket in revolutionizing the global coffee value chain. This partnership allows us to deliver on KaldiMarket and Kaldicoin, the platform’s native currency, transforming the economics of green coffee trading and amplifying farmers' influence in the multi-billion-dollar coffee industry."

Daniel Ball, CEO, Kaldi Company

David Hamilton, Director of Operations at Iron Sight, added, "We are excited to be part of the global impact of KaldiMarket in driving meaningful and economic change for millions of smallholder farmers worldwide."


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