Food Packaging Applications for Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere Packaging (EMAP) or Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is increasingly being used by the food packaging sector, as this process helps in preserving the look of the packaged food in a better way and ensures a longer shelf life.

To achieve the preferred quality standards, the gases employed in MAP/EMAP have to be accurate and reliable. Environics focuses exactly on that.

Environics’ Series 3000 Gas Mixing and Delivery system enables MAP gases to be blended in precise mixtures for easy meat packing ready for the case. This mixing system achieves reliable results and excellent precision in all cases, be it carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or other gas that is utilized to lower the concentration of oxygen. This feature makes it the preferred system to meet all these requirements.

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Environics’ mixer/blending systems have been developed to mix and dilute gases to the desired specifications so that the ultimate gas mix is precisely generated.

With the Environics® Series 3000 system, 100% bulk gases can be mixed on-site for blending and delivery of gas. This system provides a substitute for premixed gas cylinders that are much more costly.

Mixtures of two or three gases are utilized in a majority of the cases but more constituents can be added, if required. The main benefits of the system are reduced cost due to the use of pure gases contrary to premixed gas cylinders, and making sure that the mixture is reproducibly and precisely mixed.

A single blend or different blends of gas can be realized, with the ability to change the concentration of only one component discretely with user commands. This system allows case-ready meat packing to be customized all the time.


Gas mixing systems, developed by Environics, use sensitive and careful control of thermal mass flow controllers (EFC202) to achieve the highest accuracy of gas mixing. Standard thermal mass flow controllers can attain accuracy limits that are within +/–1% of full-scale gas flow, but the computerization of flow settings integrates with accurate calibration to improve accuracy to within +/–1% of setpoint.

Environics control technology enables a 10-fold increase in accuracy when utilized to control the thermal mass flow controller, as demonstrated by the document that deals with Full-scale error versus Setpoint error.

Another feature of the Environics systems is high consistency, which ensures repeatability of +/–0.05% of full-scale flow. The consistency and accuracy of the system, therefore, differ with the overall flow rate.

Image Credit: Environics, Inc.

Cost-Effectiveness and Gas Saving

Costs are considerably reduced by using pure gas rather than premixed gas, and this feature enables the system to pay its own cost over time.

The Series 3000 gas mixing system makes it possible to regulate the positive pressure and comply with downstream process specifications.

The configuration of the mixer can be modified to transport gas to a ballast tank. This setup allows the mixer to switch on or off as the pressure differs up or down in the tank. Therefore, gas is saved in circumstances when it is not in constant demand.

Optional and Custom Alarms

The Series 3000 gas mixing system allows users to install an alarm if needed. This sends either audio or visual alerts to the operator in the event of specific faults; this is a visual alarm picture. These features are optional but should be strongly taken into consideration for all kinds of gas systems, and specifically for carbon monoxide.

If the concentration signaled by the flow meters (another optional accessory) crosses the user-defined tolerance limit, the alarm is activated. Once the server’s static IP address is fed in, the new models enable the offsite reception of these alarms through email. This latest addition renders the device even more fail-proof.

There are many other custom features available. With an unlimited number of systems working on-site, Environics has a huge library of applications and solutions to suit the requirements of each client, and also has options to add a gas humidifier, gas alarms, or remote control.

About Environics, Inc.

Environics is a world leader in computerized gas flow instrumentation. Our headquarters for design, manufacturing, sales and service is located in a modern 11,000 square foot facility in Tolland, Connecticut. We are ISO 9001 certified, having received ISO 9001 Quality Systems Certification in April, 1997.

Environics are a profitable, privately held company, founded in 1986 and incorporated in the State of Delaware. As of April 2011, Environics are a Women Owned business, certified through the Woman Owned Small Business Program run by the United States SBA. This business has five-year projections that show continued growth through the introduction of new products and product innovations. All service is handled factory direct. Sales are handled direct and by selected manufacturers representatives and distributors worldwide. At Environics, the staff are dedicated to customer service before, during and after your system is built. Environics stans by its systems and believe in building long-term relationships with its customers.

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