CellenONE® X1 is used for gentle and precise image-based single cell sorting.

It is tailored for:

  • Single cell omics (any omics, omni- omics)
  • Cell line development (any cell, any standard or custom labware)
  • Precision low-volume dispensing (pL–nL range) for miniaturized sample preparation

CellenONE® X1

Image Credit: Cellenion


  • Direct visual inspection of the sample
  • Processing of any sample (from 1 µL and just a few cells)
  • Image-based single cell selection (brightfield and/or 4-channel fluorescence)
  • Full image record of isolated cells/clones
  • Best-in-class monoclonal outgrowth rate
  • Environmental controls (temperature, humidity)
  • Up to 100% single cells
  • Post-isolation monoclonality verification by the operator


  • scRNA-seq
  • scWGS
  • scMS
  • scATAC-seq
  • mAb
  • Stem cells
  • Cloning

How it works

CellenONE® X1

Image Credit: Cellenion

  • Cell suspension is loaded in a glass capillary
  • Capillary tip is placed in front of an optical system
  • Capillary tip is segmented into two zones
    • Ejection zone: volume corresponding to the next generated droplet
    • Sedimentation zone: safety zone considering possible cell sedimentation
  • The subsequent droplet is dispensed into the intended labware if it only contains a single cell that satisfies the user-specified requirements (size, shape, and fluorescence markers). In the absence of that, it is dispensed into a recovery vial to enable reprocessing


Source: Cellenion

cellenONE®  X1
Sorting Technology Brightfield and/or
Multi-fluorescence images
(Blue, Green, Orange and Red)
Dispensing Technology sciDROP PICO:  150-600 pL / single drop
Number of Dispensing Channels Up to 2
Spottable Area (X x Y) 252 x 112 mm
Target Capacity 2 MTPs or 8 standard glass slides
Axis System X-Y Linear Magnetic Drive, Z Spindle Drive
Axis Precision < 3 µm
Dimensions with Enclosure (L x W x H) 650 x 700 x 1590 mm
Weight 205 kg