Ginolis PMBi (Piezo Motor Bellows) pump technology, which is patented, offers highly accurate, non-contact liquid handling.

From 1000 µl all the way down to nanoliters

  • The PMBi pump is made to accurately and repeatedly dispense volumes in the nanoliter range
  • There are two models of the PMBi pump, which are distinguished by the volume size
    • <1% CV (>50 nL)
    • <3% CV (@50 nL)
    • <8% (@2.5 nL)
Ginolis PMBi Pump

Video Credit: Ginolis Ltd


  • Flexible
    • From 1500 μL to 1 nL. The PMBi pump is accessible in a starter kit that is simple to use and can be integrated into automation platforms
  • Intelligent
    • Pump pre-pressurization, automated monitoring of pressure stabilization during pre-dispensing, and an integrated pressure sensor for detecting clogs, leaks, and air in fluid lines
  • Low maintenance
    • The PMB bellows system has no friction components, making it a pump with a very long lifespan and no need for seal replacement


Dispensing technology

PMBi Dispensing Pump

Image Credit: Ginolis Ltd

  • The highly accurate piezo motor that is connected to a bellows that contracts and expands forms the foundation of the Ginolis PMBi Pump
  • The aspirated or dispensed volume is displaced by the bellows in a closed chamber as a result
  • The PMBi pump has a ceramic tip and a solenoid dispensing valve to dispense quantities as small as 1 nl
  • The user-specified amount of liquid is displaced by the dispensing pump. To release a drop, the solenoid valve is opened for a brief period of time (a few hundred microseconds). Up to 100 drops per second can be released by the pump


PMBi Dispensing Pump

Image Credit: Ginolis Ltd

  • PMBi Pump starter kit for introductory applications
  • Cecilia dispensing platform for high precision dispensing of reagents and fluids on a compact scale
  • Fully custom solutions based on the Ginolis modular automation platforms and PMB pump technology
  • Individual pumps for integrators


Source: Ginolis Ltd

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Pump volume
  • PMBi 150: 1 nl – 150 µl
  • PMBi 1500: 10 nl – 1500 µl
Dimensions (mm) 127 x 44.5 x 148.5 (HxWxD)
Valve Solenoid valve
  • Bellows: Coated with Parylene
  • Bellows housing: PEEK
Dosing speed Max. speed 100 doses / sec