The Plasmid Mini-Prep Starter Bundle is an advanced automated system designed for researchers who are looking to simplify their plasmid preparation workflow.

This platform, equipped with proven protocols and user-friendly entry-level automation, enables researchers to smoothly transition from transformation to plasmid purification. It is well-suited for low to medium throughput and can also be scaled up as research requirements grow.

Optimized Workflows

Through this fully automated system, users can experience uninterrupted overnight growth and effortless colony picking. Furthermore, the semi-automated mini prep process streamlines plasmid purification, significantly reducing manual pipetting efforts. User involvement is minimal, only being required after the completion of each plate.

Increased Throughput

This system enables users to effectively pick up to 10,000 colonies every week, promoting a consistent and smooth workflow. The system also helps to enhance research productivity by purifying up to 3,500 plasmids over five business days, yielding impressive results.

Expandable System

The system's throughput can be easily increased by upgrading the incubator size, allowing it to adapt to the growing demands of the laboratory. The starter bundle is designed with scalability in mind, ensuring that the system can expand in tandem with the rising requirements of research activities.

Bundle Components

  • QPix® XE Microbial Colony Picker
  • SpectraMax® Microplate Reader
  • Orbital Shaking Incubator
  • Liquid Handling System
  • Robotic Arm