Advances in Microplate Technology at SLAS 2021

Porvair Sciences will exhibit its latest specialist microplates and microplate instrumentation at the forthcoming SLAS 2021 Digital International Conference and Exhibition (January 25-27th 2021).

A 2.2 ml 96 deep well Kingfisher microplate

Microplates product manager - Krzysztof Kielmann commented "A particular focus of our virtual exhibit will be specialist microplates and instrumentation for labs supporting the global COVID-19 testing effort. Many SARS-CoV-2 testing labs have struggled to find suitable 96-well deep well plates for their Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ nucleic acid purification systems and have had to compromise performance in order to maintain testing volumes. At SLAS 2021, we will present for the first time a 2.2ml 96 deep well plate specifically designed to be fully compatible with the KingFisher™ range of nucleic acid purification systems. Each V-shaped bottom well in our new plate supports the specialised magnetic tips of all KingFisher™ Instruments perfectly maximising liquid sample collection, mixing and uptake during the purification process. From sample collection, mixing to purification, our new plate is designed to ensure reproducible purification of nucleic acids from SARS-CoV-2 patient samples".

Also, of interest to COVID-19 labs will be the new generation UltraSeal Pro, a fully automated tube rack and plate sealer. Designed to preserve the integrity of patient samples, the UltraSeal Pro is able to seal a wide range of plates and tube rack formats. In addition, the versatile UltraSeal Pro seals the widest range of plate materials using an extensive range of film substrates. Easy to program, operate, and integration friendly, the UltraSeal Pro enhances lab productivity through sealing up to six plates or tube racks per minute.

UltraSeal Pro automated tube rack and plate sealer

Janet Cohen - Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at Finneran Porvair added "We have developed lots of informative online content to support our attendance at the digital SLAS 2021 event. To support scientists with specific technical and application questions our team of specialists will be on-hand to answer queries throughout the 3-day event".

To register for the SLAS 2021 Digital International Conference and Exhibition please visit and drop us a visit at booth number 25. For further information on Porvair Sciences specialist microplates and microplate instrumentation please contact the company at  [email protected] or call +44 1978 666222 / +1 800 552 3696.


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