The BioShake 3000-T elm from QInstruments is a high-end heater shaker available for well plates.

Key benefits

The BioShake 3000-T elm offers high-speed mixing action and temperature control for the most exacting robotics applications.

This specially developed heater shaker integrates heating from ambient to 99 °C, an automatic plate lock mechanism, and the smallest dimensions.

The module is just slightly larger compared to a standard microplate, and with its patented vibration-free shaking. Hence, users are stunned that the BioShake 3000-T elm could blend samples in an extensive range of vessel types.


  • Perfect for 96 well microplates
  • High-accuracy heating from ambient to 99 °C
  • Quick mixing from 200 up to 3,000 rpm
  • Simple installation and easy start-up
  • Sensored zero-position
  • Stylish aluminum housing
  • Developed thermo adapters
  • Plate locking ELM available
  • All parts present inside

Advanced technology

Save time

By integrating the mixing operation with the incubation phase, reaction process times and operator workload have been decreased and the efficiency of several procedures is increased, leading to a higher throughput.

The excellent finished aluminum housing provides the BioShake 3000-T elm with its necessary functionality. It offers a high amount of security, device stability, and guarantees a long service life.

BioShake 3000-T elm


Gentle mixing of samples

By planar orbital motion

By German design and manufacture, BioShake 3000-T elm thermoshaker provides an ultra-efficient, 2-dimensional shaking axis so that samples tend to get entirely mixed in a fraction of the time of competing systems.

The mixing orbit of 2.0 mm is frequently constant. The orbital shaking has been accurately controlled, indeed, that users do not have to spin down turn plates following mixing.

Completely adjustable between 200 and 3,000 rpm, far beyond the speeds of the majority of other brands, ensures quick, splatter-free, glass vials, mixing for tubes, or throughout a full 384-well microplate.

BioShake 3000-T elm


Homogeneous heating

Using large-area heating source in combination with digital sensor electronic

The BioShake 3000-T elm gets heated from ambient to 99 °C in a short span of time, thereby offering amazing comfort, user-friendly features, and the utmost safety.

The thinnest large-area heating elements and sensors have been combined and combined inside the BioShake 3000-T elm. At the time of the heat-up time, the unique electronic control system ensures the same temperature for all vessels with the least deviations.

Temperatures are chosen from ambient temperature to 99 °C in steps of 1.0 °C. The nominal regulation precision is better than ±0.1°C with uniformity of temperature distribution better than ±0.5 °C at 45 °C throughout the heating surface.

Convertible thermo adapter plates and thermal blocks allow an ideal adaptation to microplates, glass, or tube vials.

BioShake 3000-T elm


ELM—Edge locking mechanism

Suitable for all microplates

Several robotic applications need accurate dimensional spacing of pipet tips and robotic grippers compared to a microplate. The Edge Locking Mechanism (ELM) is the full answer for repeatable and precise positioning of microplates present on a robotic deck.

It comprises 2 × 2 stainless steel pins and a 2-point electromechanical mechanism to close down microplates in a safe manner in the center of the module.

This patented locking mechanism helps lock the microplates in a rapid and safe manner, even at the greatest mixing frequencies. Quick mixing processes with common plate changes could be executed in the routine in a simple and safe manner.

For microplates to be gripped, the ELM sets the stage for clamping in an automatic manner. This so-called “universal” design is ideal for all kinds of plates in SBS format 127.7 × 85.5 mm: from low profile to deep-well; from 96- to 1536-well. And while being “locked” into place, the microplate changes by as little as +/− 0.1 mm making exacting manipulations a breeze.

BioShake 3000-T elm


LED indication light

Simple status monitoring

All BioShake devices consist of advanced internal algorithms and sensors for tracking error detection and operating parameters. Any errors sent out through the RS232 communication interface are simpler to detect and locate.

To enhance the functional testing at the time of installation and visualize the operating status all BioShake automation devices are fitted with one combined LED indication light in front. The indication light enables a rapid error control and function test.

This has a green and red status that lights up or is disabled. In the event of a fault, the error list should be read out through the RS232 command, to help discern the error more accurately.

BioShake 3000-T elm


Zero position

Locked and sensor-controlled zero-positioning

In time-adjustable stopping operations, a specified zero position has been extended in an automatic manner and locked with a precision of 0.1 mm.

A combined sensor tracks these zero positions and their precision. This guarantees and streamlines the loading and elimination processes and enables precise pipetting.

BioShake 3000-T elm


Exchangeable thermo adapters

For a wide range of applications

The BioShake 3000-T elm is available with a range of standardized and particular thermo adapter plates. The substitute of the adapters is highly simple.

Perfect-shaped adapters enable an optimal fit for lysis tubes, standard tubes, glass vials, microplates, and other sample vessels. Outstanding temperature uniformity and homogeneity are ensured for all samples.

BioShake 3000-T elm



Simple intuitive integration in robots and programming

The BioShake could function through RS232 or USB user interface. An automatic initialization will begin after turn on.

A simple command set enables users to easily regulate hardware and sensors. The process parameters have been controlled in a constant manner and read out. A self-setting zero position of the shaker plate following turning off makes the laborious electrical tracking needless. Also, this guarantees the utmost operating security in uncontrolled continuous operation.

Unique design meets high-end technology

First-class finished aluminum housing

Special and effective design integrated with the most compact housing result in beautiful and distinct laboratory equipment. Thus, the first-class finished aluminum housing provides the BioShake 3000-T elm with its necessary functionality. It offers a high amount of security, device stability, and guarantees a long service life.

BioShake 3000-T elm


Made in Germany

High-end instruments for daily routine

An ideally amicable blend of high-tech and handmade. “Made in Germany” has always been a recipe for success for QInstruments. 100% of QInstruments production occurs in Germany.

The focal point is on human diligence and on being eco-friendly. The company supports its quality ensures through persistent quality management. For over 15 years, these laboratory automation professionals from Jena have utilized only high-quality materials to guarantee sustainable production, employed innovative thinking, and undertaken research in a future-oriented method–all as a subject of course.