The HeatPlate from Qinstruments is a professional heater thermoblock.

Key benefits

If there is a need for users to rapidly and accurately control the temperature processes taking place on a robotic deck—go no further. The HeatPlate thermoblock offers highly precise temperature control for the most demanding robotics applications.

The module seems to be just slightly larger compared to a standard microplate. Completely adjustable between room temperature and 99 °C, far beyond the heating precision of the majority of other brands, ensures quick, outstanding heating for tubes, microplates, or glass vials.


  • Heating block offered in smallest housing
  • Temperature range RT −99 °C
  • Easy start-up
  • Long lifetime warranty is given
  • Perfected thermo adapters are available
  • First-class aluminum housing provided
  • All parts are present inside
  • Non-external components available

Advanced technology

Integration in robots

The HeatPlate could be operated through RS232 user interface. It is fully equipped for hands-free operation with a wide remote command set for simple software integration. The combined microelectronics ensures that no other control devices and external components are essential.

An automatic initialization will begin after turn on. A simple command set enables users to control hardware and sensors in a simple manner. The process parameters have been regulated and read out. Also, this guarantees utmost operating security in the untracked continuous operation.

Wide range of applications

The HeatPlate is available with a range of standardized and particular adapter plates. The adapters enable an ideal fit for deep well plates, PCR plates, standard tubes, microplates, glass vials, lysis tubes, and other sample vessels.

Outstanding temperature uniformity and homogeneity have been ensured and guaranteed by using such adapters. For special sizes, tailored production as per the specific requirements is recommended.

Homogeneous and accurate temperature control

Within the HeatPlate thinnest, large-area heating elements and sensors have been combined. The heat output of 75 W could be adjusted smoothly from room temperature to 99 °C. The equipment is sandwiched with a new and highly trustworthy electronic temperature control which ensures optimum warming of samples.

At the time of the heat-up time, the unique electronic control system ensures the same temperature for all vessels with the least deviations.

Stylish aluminum housing

The first-rate finished aluminum housing provides the HeatPlate with its necessary functionality. It offers device stability, a high amount of security, and guarantees a long service life.