The BioShake 5000 elm from QInstruments is a high-speed shaker for 384/1536 well plates.

Key benefits

Compared to a standard microplate, the high-speed shaker is just slightly larger, and with its patented vibration-free shaking, users will be stunned that the BioShake 5000 elm has the potential to blend samples in HTS microplates ranging from 384 up to 1536 well format.

The BioShake 5000 elm seems to be completely adjustable between 200 rpm and 5,000 rpm, far beyond the speeds of the majority of other brands, ensuring quick, splatter-free mixing for HTS microplates.

BioShake 5000 elm



  • The most trustworthy orbital shaker available for small volumes
  • All parts inside
  • Simple installation
  • Quick mixing ranges from 200 up to 5,000 rpm
  • Availability of 1.2 mm mixing orbit
  • Easy start-up
  • Perfect for 384 or 1536 well plates
  • Automatic plate locking ELM can be performed
  • Sensored zero-position is provided

BioShake 5000 elm


Advanced technology

If users need to rapidly and accurately mix samples in HTS microplates on a robotic deck—go no further. The BioShake 5000 elm plate mixer offers high-speed mixing action for the majority of robotics applications.

The module is just slightly larger compared to a standard microplate, and with its patented vibration-free shaking, users will be amazed that the BioShake 5000 elm could help blend samples present in HTS microplates ranging from 384 up to 1536 well format. Completely adjustable between 200 rpm and 5,000 rpm, far beyond the speeds of the majority of other brands, ensures quick, splatter-free, mixing for HTS microplates.

It is fully equipped for freehand operation with a wide remote command set for simple software integration. Combined microelectronics ensures that no other external components and control devices are essential.

Integration in robots

The BioShake could be functioned through the RS232 user interface. An automatic initialization will begin after turn on. A simple command set enables users to simply control sensors and hardware.

The process parameters are regulated and read out. A self-setting zero position of the shaker plate after turning it off makes the laborious electrical tracking unessential. This guarantees the utmost operating security also in the untracked continuous operation.

Ideal use for microplates

The BioShake 5000 elm has been developed remarkably for mixing 384 and 1536 well microplates. HTS applications with frequent and automatic plate variations offer the BioShake 5000 elm safe and matchless advantages.

Gentle mixing of samples by planar orbital motion

German-designed and manufactured, BioShake 5000 elm plate mixer provides an ultra-efficient, 2-dimensional shaking axis so that samples tend to mix entirely in a fraction of the time of opposing systems.

The mixing orbit of 1.2 mm seems to be always consistent. The orbital shaking has been accurately regulated, in fact, users do not have to spin down their plates once the mixing is done. Even deep well plates or low sample volumes provide no hindrance for such precision tools.

Sensor-controlled zero-positioning

In time-adjustable stopping operations, a specified zero position has been extended in an automatic manner and locked with a precision of 0.1 mm. An integrated sensor monitors these zero positions and their precision.

This ensures and simplifies the loading and elimination processes and enables precise pipetting.

Edge Locking Mechanism (ELM)—A scientific innovation for automatic positioning

Several robotic applications need accurate dimensional spacing of pipet tips and robotic grippers compared to a microplate. The Edge Locking Mechanism (elm) is the ideal answer for precise and repeatable positioning of microplates present on a robotic deck.

It comprises 2 × 2 stainless steel pins and a 2-point electromechanical mechanism to lock down microplates in a safe manner in the module’s center. For the gripping of microplates, the ELM sets the stage for clamping in an automatic manner.

This so-called “universal” design is ideal for all kinds of plates: from low profile to deep-well; from 384- to 1536-well. And when allegedly “locked” into place, the microplate changes by as little as +/− 0.1 mm making exacting manipulations a breeze.

Stylish aluminum housing

The first-class finished aluminum housing provides the BioShake 5000 elm with its necessary functionality. It offers a high amount of device stability, security, and guarantees a long service life.