Hitachi’s NX5000: A Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope

Hitachi has introduced a high performance TripleBeam™ FIB-SEM—called NX5000—that enables optimal TEM lamella preparation and offers accurate cross-sectioning and 3D-volume microscopy.

With the integrated Ar+/Xe+ beam, users can effortlessly prepare uniform, low damage, ultra-thin TEM lamellae even on the most complex materials.

Gentle, high-precision lamellae finishing

  • Ga+-induced damage is prevented
  • Thinner, flatter, wider and lower damage lamellae can be made with the built-in Ar+/Xe+ broad beam
  • Multi-directional milling avoids curtaining problems
Hitachi’s NX5000: A Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope

Image Credit: Hitachi High-Tech Europe

High-performance imaging

  • The multi-mode STEM and the sensitive in-lens detectors allow users to achieve their required contrast at any time
  • Fine structures can be distinctly visualized with the high performance, dual-mode SEM (field-free or immersion)
  • Provides sub-nanometer resolution even at low kV

High-performance Ga+ milling

  • Rapid FIB/SEM switching (Timesharing mode) provides real-time fabrication and observation with complete clarity
  • High throughput with more than 100 nA beam currents

Unique sample-handling solutions

  • Samples up to 150-mm diameters can be rapidly exchanged via the load lock
  • With the built-in side entry rod holder, lamellae can be directly transferred to the TEM under vacuum
  • Double-tilt sub-stage provides more degrees of freedom for exceptional milling geometry

Advanced automation

  • The simple recipe creator automates lamella preparation, imaging, cross-section generation and much more
  • Complex specimens can be quickly navigated with the CAD navigation system
  • Up to 20 TEM lamellae can be automatically lifted out