The TipLumis is made to quickly and completely reuse cleaned tips to achieve the greatest possible cost savings and waste reduction.

TipLumis™ is a HEPA-filtered, temperature-controlled, storage cabinet that has been utilized to accelerate the drying process inside a clean surrounding. This process makes use of concentrated airflow through the tips together with an internal heating system. The TipLumis is completely programmable, and easily adjusts features like dry cycle and temperature.


Image Credit: Grenova


  • It is possible to store up to 45 tip racks
  • Enhance the drying process and increase the throughput of the tip washer
  • Store washed tips in HEPA-clean surrounding
  • Optional: UV Light has the potential to augment the system
TipNovus TipLumis Workflow

Video Credit: Grenova

Validation studies

The library of research makes use of processes by which the reliability of Grenova Solutions addresses specific purposes in a laboratory surrounding.


  • COVID-19: TipNovus and TipLumis for pipette tip reuse for COVID-19 testing
  • ELISA: Novel TipNovus validation decreasing ELISA cost
  • Toxicology: TipNovusMini Validation: Toxicology and forensic
  • Mass spec: TipNovus: MassSpec evaluation studies
  • RNA: TipNovusMini Validation: RNA library production qPCR
  • PCR: TipNovus PCR validation study

Eliminate pollution and costs

Grenova created devices allowing laboratories to wash and reuse contaminated pipette tips in huge quantities.

Enjoy maximum sustainability

Laboratories that use the devices are decreasing their consumable biohazard waste and reducing costs by up to 90% enabling funds reallocation.

Grenova Pipette Tip Washer Cost Reduction

Video Credit: Grenova