Grenova solutions can assist the user in creating the ideal procedure customized to the laboratory’s operation. The TipNovus Cart is the ideal full configuration operating solution.

The TipNovus™ Cart has been utilized to make a separate and mobile station for the TipNovus™ systems. With the availability of wash throughput ranging from 12–40 racks/hr, and also the capacity to store up to 45 clean racks for re-use, the custom tip washing stations are known to be a perfect addition to their laboratory for matchless cost savings.

TipNovus Cart

2× TipNovusMini and 1 × TipLumis Cart Configuration: Processes 14 Tip Racks Per hour and Stored up to 45 Tip Racks. Image Credit: Grenova

TipNovus Cart

TipNovus TipLumis Cart Configuration: Processes 20 Tip Racks per hour and stores up to 45 Tip racks. Image Credit: Grenova

TipNovus Cart

2× TipLumis Cart Configuration: Stores up to 90 tip racks in a HEPA filtered environment. Image Credit: Grenova

TipNovus Cart

2× TipNovus Cart Configuration: Process 40 Tip Racks per hour. Image Credit: Grenova


Comprehensive innovation

Grenova’s patented process and products have been designed in such a way as to work collectively as an extensive sustainability model. Besides, implementing a single product has been proven to offer waste reduction and push profitability. The Company’s team can advise on a tailored implementation strategy.

Every product that has been developed by Grenova should satisfy two criteria: Full sustainability and offer a beneficial effect on operations.

TipNovus Cart

Image Credit: Grenova