Cookie brands use banana powder to provide new taste experience for consumers

Brands in the cookies category are using banana powder to provide a new sensory experience for consumers, according to GlobalData a leading data and analytics company.

The cookies category is dominated by chocolate, vanilla, and caramel flavors, and we are now seeing brands using real banana powder instead of artificial banana flavorings to provide new taste experiences for consumers.’’

Shubham Mahajan, Associate Analyst at GlobalData

According to new research from GlobalData, ‘‘Adding new fruit flavorings like banana to formulations could appeal to those 44% of global consumers who agree that curiosity motivates them to try new flavors and fragrances.

Two products that caught our attention in Q1 adopting this trend were the Biofood Lab’s Take a Bitey cookie from Russia and the OT Tango Walnut wafer distributed in Indonesia.’’

Shubham Mahajan, Associate Analyst at GlobalData

Biofood Lab. Take a Bitey cookie, Russia

In Russia, a new ‘Pechene Bez Glutena’ (cookie without gluten) in a Banan (Banana) variety was launched in the healthy snack foods sector targeted at children.

The new cookies contain vegan ingredients and are high in vitamins, free from added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and gluten which should appeal to  51% of parents in Russia who claim that a formulation that is better suited to nutritional/allergy requirements would encourage them to buy food/drinks products specifically targeted at children.

OT Tango Walnut wafer, Indonesia

New to consumers in Indonesia is an OT Tango Walnut branded Wafer in a Choco Banana variant.

The "halal-certified" release has been described as a "crispy wafer sandwiched with banana-flavored cream and covered in thick chocolate."

Mahajan, added, “The flavor combination of chocolate and banana is helping brands to reach out to a wider target audience by combining staple flavors like chocolate with other fruit flavor combinations to enhance the consumption experience of their products.”



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