Nutritional supplement can help bolster key functions for people with brain disorders

An international subject pool was studied to confirm the effectiveness of a whole food complete vitamin and meal replacement product, IQed. The article, co-authored by Lisa Geng; Francine Hamel, EdD, SLP-CCC; Doreen Lewis, Ph.D., appeared in the peer-reviewed journal, Alternative Therapies (Altern Ther Health Med 2021 Mar;27(2):11-20).

The findings indicate that the carefully developed nutritional supplement, IQed Smart Nutrition, can help bolster key functions for people with a wide range of prevalent diagnoses including Autism, Apraxia, and ADHD, and other obscure, but equally challenging, diagnoses encompassing speech and motor processing disorders.

Deficits in speech and communication were the highest reported area of difficulty for this population, prior to taking the supplement, afflicting 83.8% of respondents. After supplementation, expressive speech improved for 85.7% of the participants with the increased vocalizations (sounds, words) factor showing the highest observed improvement (88.1%) among all speech and communication factors combined.

In all other categories, more than 67% of the survey respondents reported improvements in all measured areas: speech (77.6%), oral motor skills (63.2%), receptive ability (69.6%), focus (65.1%), motor planning (77.6%), mood (62.3%), social skills (59.3%), and physical/ behavioral health (47.3%).

As a mom of special needs children that runs a nonprofit, I have found that specific essential nutrients are key for the acceleration of progress."

Lisa Geng, Study Co-Author and Founder, Cherab Foundation

Geng is also the president of the Cherab Foundation.

The main aim of this study funded by the nonprofit Cherab Foundation, and its subsequent article, is to guide future research into the dietary interventions and potential management of neurological conditions using natural food products, vitamin and mineral supplements, and Ayurvedic and botanical ingredients, with a focus on improving the quality of daily living and specific developmental milestones for children and adults with disabilities.

Journal reference:

Geng, L., et al. (2021) Results of a Consumer Survey on the Effectiveness of a Nutritional Blend Reported on Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms, Apraxia, and Other Conditions Involving Motor and Speech Delays. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.


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