Evaporators assist academic drug discovery

BioChromato Inc reports how the renowned Chemistry Research Laboratories (CRL) at Oxford University (UK) are using several Smart Evaporator C1 units to support their drug discovery activities in therapeutic areas including oncology and regenerative medicine.

Evaporators assist academic drug discovery
Image Credit: BioChromato Inc

The Smart Evaporator C1 units, ably supported by local agent – Asynt, have found wide ranging use by the medicinal chemistry team. Critical to the BioChromato evaporator selection was their ability to effectively remove trace solvents with researchers needing, daily, to remove solvents from target compounds prior to submitting them to their biology colleagues for screening. In addition, CRL researchers commonly employ their Smart Evaporators for isolating synthetic intermediates, and recovering NMR samples from solution, including those containing high boiling solvents such as DMSO.

Evaporators assist academic drug discovery

Image Credit: BioChromato Inc

An Oxford University spokesperson commented “The Smart Evaporators not only help with our workflow, but importantly are quick and easy to use, require little or no maintenance, and occupy only a small footprint within a fume hood”.

Designed to be highly reliable and easy to use - the Smart Evaporator C1 is an affordably priced benchtop system proven to safely and efficiently concentrate or dry single samples directly from both tube and vials. Drawing upon patented Spiral Plug™ evaporation technology, the compact, benchtop Smart Evaporator C1 offers fast and effective evaporation in tubes or vials without solvent bumping thereby eliminating risk of sample loss, cross contamination and saving researcher’s time. The Smart Evaporator C1 is optimized to handle solvent volumes up to 40 mL which can be extremely useful for concentrating compounds after organic synthesis or drying analytical samples at relatively high speeds. The versatile C1 can also take small tubes and vials where solvent volumes can be as little as 0.1 ml.


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