Being industry leaders in bioprinting and as a result of the beneficial customers, CELLINK’s understanding of 3D biology research remains matchless. This in-depth knowledge of 3D biology and the customers’ requirements has allowed the development of biodispensing.

Via a lens of bio convergence, the company has harmonized the best practices inside bioprinting with the greater throughput, and automation-capable technology present inside the liquid handling field.

At present, the company has initiated the world’s first-ever biodispenser—and a new modality to the world of biofabrication. Biodispensing is a trouble- and engineering-free technique to come up with reproducible 3D models that seem to be compatible with present analysis workflows.

Effortless hydrogel extrusion

Every of the three cartridge stations in the BIO CELLX provides accurate temperature control, varying from 0 °C to 60 °C, enabling for trouble-free printing of ECM Hydrogel

High throughput like never before

Quickly plate up to 384-well plates with regulated dispensing

Unprecedented reproducibility

Utilizing positive displacement technology, and features like onboard cell mixing, the BIO CELLX offers unprecedented reproducibility across wells and constructs


The BIO CELLX allows customers an affordable and time-efficient workflow, with high reproducibility at high throughput. The user-friendliness biodispensing system enables users the time and energy to focus on their research.


  • Culture cells

Culture cells of users’ choice

  • Select a bioink

Users can pick a bioink from a huge portfolio provided for BIO CELLX

Dispensing protocol

  • Bioink & cells mixing

BIO CELLX automatically makes the bioink and blends it with cell suspension

  • Dispensing

BIO CELLX dispenses 3D models with the help of pre-set parameters just by pressing a button

  • Crosslinking

BIO CELLX crosslinks the models with the help of built-in photocrosslinking and thermal modules


  • Post dispensing

Users include cell medium, incubate, and dose drugs to their 3D models

  • Assays and analyses

Examine their 3D models with the help of standard assays or imaging techniques.


Precise and reproducible

The BIO CELLX is a high-accuracy positive displacement extrusion system. This technology offers reproducible outcomes every single time—irrespective of the dispensed material.

Uncompromised sterility

CELLINK’s completely enclosed, proprietary Clean Chamber technology, integrated with a patent-pending de-lidding solution, guarantees the sterility of the full workflow when working on a benchtop in a laboratory surrounding.

Flexible, validated geometries

Developed by scientists for researchers, pre-validated protocols guarantee persistent and reproducible 3D model generation, thereby guiding users via each step of the workflow, from material selection to dispensing to downstream analysis techniques.

Automated calibration

To obtain industry-leading positional precision, a sensor suite quantifies the position of each dispensing orifice in connection with the vessel’s position. An algorithm compensates for any faults to guarantee the accurate position of the dispensed model.

Nozzle priming, now with AI

For the first ever time, users can be assured of flawless dispensing, thanks to the artificial intelligence-powered nozzle priming, with onboard bubble detection for steady cell-laden constructs.

No modeling required

As a result of the range of 3D models built into BIO CELLX Studio, there is no longer a requirement to spend time modeling in CAD software.


Effortless biomaterial preparation. Every time.

With the availability of a novel patent-pending dispensing mechanism onboard, the BIO CELLX gets a new degree of comfort in making physiologically appropriate 3D models—with the perfect matrix surrounding and biomechanical cues for their downstream assays.

Image Credit: CELLINK

Maximize workflow efficiency

As a result of the automatic mixing of reagents, bioinks, and cell suspension, the BIO CELLX considerably decreases the preparation time in their 3D cell culture process.

Unparalleled repeatability

Automated bioink preparation decreases the change in cell viability, mechanical properties, pH, and air content of samples, allowing constant outcomes every single time.

Homogenous cell density

By doing gentle mixing constructed into the patent-pending BIO CELLX cartridges, cell density remains uniformly distributed across the dispensing process, guaranteeing reproducible 3D models across wells.

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