INKREDIBLE+™ 3D Bioprinter


The INKREDIBLE+ 3D bioprinter from CELLINK is an ideal choice for cutting-edge research applications.

It is strong, trusty, and sufficiently small to suit users’ benchtop.

It offers a pneumatic-based extrusion system with dual print heads, and the built-in UV LED curing enables simple and rapid bioprinting of living tissues.


Image Credit: CELLINK


Different cell types

Two printheads enable the user to print with various cell types in a similar structure.

Wide material range

Functioning at temperatures ranging up to 130 °C, heated printheads enable users to print with an extensive range of materials.

Easy crosslinking

The availability of a built-in UV Crosslinking System with wavelengths ranging from 365 nm to 405 nm offers a rapid method to begin photocrosslinking.

Space economy

The strong and compact INKREDIBLE+ fits easily on their benchtop.

Key features

Precise and reproducible

Pneumatic micro-extrusion printheads are available with high XYZ resolution.

Benchtop sterility

Clean Chamber Technology offers a sterile printing surrounding.

The power of dual printheads

Making use of diverse cell types in the same structure in the absence of pausing the bioprinting process allows users to produce even highly complicated structures.

Purposeful design


Image Credit: CELLINK


Image Credit: CELLINK


Image Credit: CELLINK

Instinctive LCD displays and manual pressure regulators offer a user-friendly independent unit while maintaining the option of tracking the bioprinting process via a computer.

Enabling ground-breaking research


Image Credit: CELLINK