BIO X6 3D Bioprinter

Generation 3 of the most advanced bioprinter offers high-throughput 3D cell culturing and biofabrication to create the future of health.

Key features

Open biomaterial platform

While CELLINK provides an extensive portfolio of biomaterials, the need and significance have been comprehended to make the BIO X6 consistent with the availability of an extensive range of available biomaterials.

Better cell safety

It is possible for users to retain sterility by using built-in dual HEPA 14 filters and UV-C Germicidal Lights, as well as via the usage of the vertical motorized door.

Intelligent Printheads for flexibility

Six printheads provide considerably increased throughput, reducing overall print time, and enhancing experiment efficiency. Control the usage of the mechanical droplet or pneumatic extrusion conducted in one go.

Coaxial and mixing printing

Separate dual pressure regulation to smoothly allow co-axial and mixing printing.

Multi-material printing

With the availability of six modular printhead slots, multi-material 3D bioprinting has never been simpler.

Temperature-controlled printbed

The printbed enables temperature control from 4 °C to 60 °C.

Pushing boundaries with added features

The BIO X has allowed innovative research throughout the world. The Company is pushing the boundaries even forward with the BIO X6.

  • Availability of four UV modules
  • Contactless nozzle autocalibration can be performed
  • Software on laptop or tablet
  • Vertical motorized door available
  • Co-axial and mixing printing
  • Dual pressure regulation can be done
  • Comes with six printheads
  • Multimaterial and crosslinking combinations are all available in a one protocol

Start printing with BIO X6

Start printing with the BIO X6

Video Credit: CELLINK


DNA Studio 4 compatible

DNA Studio 4

Video Credit: CELLINK

Generation 3 of the BIO X6 controls the power of the highly advanced bioprinting software that is available at present.

Advanced functionality and versatility

3D bioprinting with total control of users’ process.

BIO X6 has everything that a user needs to set up the laboratory. The instinctive and onboard software enables users to work from a computer or an included tablet.

It is possible for users to control each aspect of their print from the intuitive and user-friendly DNA Studio software on their laptops or tablet. Be it the custom material definition, multilayer printing, layer-by-layer crosslinking, or even protocol saving, the BIO X6 software has got everything.

BIO X6 3D Bioprinter

Image Credit: CELLINK

Patented clean chamber for better cell safety

The availability of a built-in UV sterilization and a HEPA filter brings the sterility of the biosafety cabinet to the benchtop.

Four high-powered fans channel air via a HEPA H14 filter to eliminate 99.995% of undesirable particles and microorganisms as part of the Clean Chamber™ technology. This also includes rounded edges, UV-C germicidal lights, and positive air pressure.

Users can initiate Clean Chamber before starting their experiment to guarantee complete sterility around the print area for the print’s duration.

Universal biomaterial compatibility

CELLINK provides an extensive portfolio of bioinks but understands the significance of material development. This is the reason for CELLINK to construct the BIO X6, which is known to be a part of the BIO X series.

Also, it is an open system that seems to be consistent with the broad range of materials that are available currently. Users can begin to develop their own bioinks with the availability of high-quality bioink development products or examine the ready-to-print and tissue-specific bioinks.

BIO X6 3D Bioprinter

Image Credit: CELLINK

Excellent temperature control

Bioprint with an extensive range of materials and cell types, as a result of accurate printhead and printbed temperature control.

With the availability of a printhead temperature range varying from 4 °C to 250 °C and a printbed temperature range between 4 °C and 65 °C, it is possible for users to enjoy accurate control of temperatures while working with temperature-sensitive materials like gelatin and collagen. The chances are boundless when they are able to work with an extensive range of materials as well as cell types.

Grow research with multiple, interchangeable, Intelligent Printheads

Control several biofabrication modalities on a single system consisting of a total of eight available tool heads and printheads.

With a constantly increasing list of Intelligent Printheads, the chances are limitless, thereby providing users more freedom to push their research additionally. The family of intelligent printheads seems to be experiencing constant growth. Every printhead system has been made in such a way as to accommodate various biofabrication applications. This helps guarantee the best possible outcome for their 3D bioprint.

BIO X6 3D Bioprinter

Image Credit: CELLINK

Designed to do even more

The remarkable features BIO X6 tend to improve versatility to enhance their success in the subsequent application areas and beyond. The application areas include:

  • 3D models for drug discovery
  • Spheroid & organoid generation
  • Food alternatives
  • Biosensors
  • Micropatterning
  • Organ generation
  • Organs-on-a-chip
  • Bioassays

Technical specifications


. .
Outer dimensions (LxWxH), mm 850x400x500
Weight, kg 47.4 Kg (104.5lb)
Build Volume, mm 128×90×90
Build surface compatibility Multi-well plates, petridishes, glass slides
Resolution XY, μm 1 μm
Layer Resolution, μm 1 μm
Pressure range (internal pump), kPa 1-200
Pressure range (external air supply), kPa 1-700
No. of printhead slots 6
Photocuring sources (built-in), nm 365, 405, 485, 520
Printbed temperature range, °C 4-65
Printhead temperature range, °C 4-250 (printhead specific)
Filter class, chamber air-flow 2xHEPA 14
UV-sterilization UV-C (275 nm), 30 mW output
Calibration Options Manual and Automatic (Ultrasonic based)
User Interface Tablet or Computer
Desktop Application compatibility Windows
Connectivity USB Storage, Ethernet connection, Wifi
supported file formats, software .gcode, .stl, .amf, .3mf
Power input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 600W
Fuse 250VAC F6 3A
Structure Powder-coated, aluminum frame

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